Fall 2017

Howdy Jewelry Fans! It’s been a wild ride, here at the studio and on the road.  I jammed all summer long out on the road 9 shows in 13 weeks. I was at some great new shows (to me) and some of my favorites too! This fall I’m keeping it closer to home, showing in Arizona, both the Phoenix and Tucson area. Check my calendar page for details. You can always email me at margaret.aden@gmail.com for custom work. I love it!

I’m struggling to get the website to look like I want, publish my Instagram feed (find me @Margaret_OSJ), and allow you all to sign up for my email list (of which I have sent one email in three years), and even allow you to email me right from the website. I may have to have my dear husband jump in on this technology stuff, this one woman show just doesn’t know how to do it all!

Keep in touch Jewelry Fans and keep my work in mind to help make your Holidays Magical!

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Summer 2016 is Coming!

Hello Jewelry Fans! The baby birds are chirping outside my studio window, the bees are buzzing and the sun is shining. It’s warming up here in Southern Arizona and that only means one thing: Summer is Coming! I will be traipsing across the USA from Kansas to Pennsylvania, Virginia Beach to Des Moines and cross country to Washington state. There is a vibrancy to my work right now, an urgent pressure to get it done so I can get OUT THERE and meet you! I will be working so hard to meet you, maybe halfway, maybe all the way, maybe just down the block and please, please, please come out to support and purchase a hand forged, woven and created piece of wearable art.

I wanted to let you know that I’m on Instagram– follow me @Margaret_OSJ !! I post pictures of new work, sunsets and my studio dogs. Admittedly, there’s an occasional picture of one of my vintage vehicles. Gosh– I just love 1970’s machines.

I’ll be adding a new “Gallery” page to the website so you can see past and present work, works in progress and other inspirational shots– stop by and take a look. The bench is calling, so it’s back to work– themes for the week: sea glass, turquoise and beach finds.

Right Timing– a look back at the Summer of 2014 (and a glance ahead)

Hello Jewelry Fans! You may notice the blog has a new look. I don’t know if it’s permanent, but I’m trying on some new styles for size. Let me know what you think over the weeks ahead? Labor Day is this weekend and I cannot honestly say where they time between June and now has gone. I’ve been on the road, and home, and on the road, and home and — well, you get the picture.

The Omaha Summer Arts Festival in June was spectacular! Thank you to all the Omaha folks that adopted my pieces into their hearts and homes. I gotta tell y’all though– your town is a little farther from mine than I was thinking it was!! I mean— who in the world would drive there with two teenage boys??? Well. Other than me. What a journey it was. We offered to hug it out with our trainee waitress in Missouri, we stayed at the cutest Best Western in NM just outside of Albuquerque, we ate like kings and a queen from the Suite Shop at the Homewood Suites downtown Omaha. But man!! It was a long drive. As ever, the journey surprises me and delights me. (Shout out to TULSA, OK here!! What a great visit we had with a good friend!)

I must admit that I trimmed a couple of shows from my schedule this summer. With teenagers at home, I’ve been feeling very much like a one armed woman in a bar room brawl. Does anyone else think that raising responsible human beings is just down right challenging? Can we talk about car insurance??? For under 25 year old, unmarried young men?? (Please buy as much jewelry as possible from my line, I have a young man’s CAR INSURANCE TO PAY!!  Didn’t he just learn to walk a couple of months ago??) My apologies for the shameless retail plug, but don’t forget that the shop names on Etsy have no spaces (OriginalSinJewelry). https://www.etsy.com/shop/OriginalSinJewelry?ref=hdr_shop_menu

I’m trying to hone my understanding regarding commitments– choosing where the blood, sweat and energy goes with deliberate acknowledgement of the inherent exchange of energy therein. Do you feel me, Jewelry Fans?? Simultaneously, I’m trying to understand the reflective (not like pretty and sparkly, reflective, but like two parts emitting light across a divide of space) relationship between commitment and the right timing of events. Have you ever committed to something that just didn’t happen?? That didn’t work? That needed to be cut short? Cut out? Eliminated because the commitment you made was just not the best thing when the moment arrived? Or rather the commitment I made was just not the best thing when the moment arrived?? I can own that statement. I’m ok with that.  So that’s what’s been on my mind. What is the right timing of my work with you, Jewelry Fans? What touchstone can we be for each other?? Keep it in mind… I definitely am even as I try to get deeper and be more present in the right now & right timing.

This fall will be a bit of a dream for me. I have some really great shows lined up and I’m excited to be showing my work in new (but also old)  places. I’m especially excited about the Art and Soul Retreat in Virginia Beach, September 30th through October 5th. During my early Navy days, I lived probably 5 miles from the site of the Retreat. I positively ADORE the Bay side of VA Beach. That’s not to say that I will not enjoy my booth on the Boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean during Virginia Beach’s Neptune Festival, it’s just to say that there are places in this world where we drop a bit of our hearts. There are places where we tether out souls so that if we are lost they can be guideposts to who we were, who we are and maybe help us decide who we want to be. The Chicks Beach side of Va Beach is one of those such places for me. As is Newport, RI. As is New Orleans, LA. Driving again the long miles of the East Coast States has me riding with ghosts of my younger self. It is positively haunting and beautiful and bitter sweet. Will I know better who I am to be after this autumn? I will let you know, Jewelry Fans, your guess is as good as mine.

A flurry of last minute reminders– check out Original Sin Jewelry on Facebook for a list of shows. Please consider signing up for a class in VA Beach at the Art and Soul Retreat?? And keep it loose, Jewelry Fans– you never know where the Journey will take you.


The Journey Continues… Join Me?

The Journey Continues… Join Me?

Mt. Gretna & Philadelphia
Hello Jewelry Fans! August begins my East Coast Invasion!
I will be showing at the 40th Annual Mt. Gretna Art Show taking place on August 16th & 17th. I’m so very excited to be a part of this beautiful event. It has been on my exhibition list for three years and the logistics have finally lined up. It’s no small feat to get from Arizona to Pennsylvania, so I hope you will come out and support me and all the wonderful artists at this event. Here’s a the web address: 40th Annual Mt. Gretna Art Show
The very next weekend you will find me at the Greater Philadelphia Convention Center teaching some of my favorite classes at Bead Fest, Philadelphia. The show dates are August 20th- 24th. I will have an artist table in the exhibition hall where you will be able to stock up on cool supplies, directions and finished jewelry. It’s almost time- so if you’ve been waiting to sign up– don’t wait anymore or you’ll miss it. Check out my Facebook page where you will find a valuable coupon. Here’s the link for that! OSJ on FB
One final link to Bead Fest Registration!! What in the world are you waiting for?!

Virginia Beach AHOY!!
I have two exhibitions planned in Virginia Beach in late September and early October. What a flashback this is going to be for me. You see, Jewelry Fans,  back in the Navy day, I lived and worked in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. I’m not exactly sure where the last decade or so has wandered off to (ok, it could be longer than that) and I understand both the Chesapeake Bay Area and I have changed, but boy, I cannot wait to breath the Indian Summer Salt air and get an ice cream at the DQ on the boardwalk (gosh! I hope it’s still there!!) Ok, ok, ok– what are the exhibitions, you ask??
First up is the 41st Annual Virginia Beach Neptune Festival September 26th-28th. I don’t have the down low on my booth location yet, but could there be a bad spot on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk? Honestly! Here’s the web address for info on this great festival: 41st Annual Neptune Festival
The very next weekend, I will be teaching at the Art and Soul Retreat. My classes run from Oct 1st through Oct 5th. A couple of them are limited seating so check it out and start planning your Indian Summer already!!  Click here:  Art & Soul Retreat  I have an all day (9 hours!) Construction Zone class where we’ll go into non-traditional attachments. It’s going to be EPIC. There’s a cute torch work pair of earrings, a cold connection woven pair of earrings and lastly a sparkling fossilized shell in a soldered setting with a  woven cuff.  Who says hot and cold work don’t mix?  I’ll have some items for sale from my private hoard and the best looking artist assistant in the business (one of my teenagers!).
Once you click through (Art & Soul) Scroll down the Instructor page (where you will land) and take a look at the workshops. Aden is pretty close to the top (thank you Sweet Husband for an early last name!). I am pleased as punch to be a part of this intimate event. I look forward to making connections with students and fellow artists along the shores of the Atlantic, the rhythmic waves still hold a piece of my heart and soul.

More East Coast and a sprinkle of Midwest and Southern and Southwest News. Maybe a little Northwest News too.
Southwest News:  Ok. Going to catch y’all up on the rest of the goings ons. Firstly, I have become a proud member of the Desert Artisans Gallery here in Tucson, AZ. That means my work is available for sale all year round and in one place. What?? Oh yeah. All the time, in one place. I won’t be there all the time, but my work will. And one of my fellow Coop members will be there when I’m not. It’s a beautiful collection of art from our regions best artists. I have been looking for HOME and being grounded where I live, especially since I am often gallivanting around the country. I’m tickled pink and so happy to have found a home for my Artist’s Heart.  Desert Artisan’s Gallery  Click through to find all the deets (my teenagers tell me this means details) and gawk at the fantastic artwork. Later in the fall you will be able to find me at a sprinkle of shows throughout the region. Stop on by my website to keep updated on my schedule. OSJ WEB



Midwest News:  Funky Ferndale here I come! I just love the name of this show. It’s alliterative, it’s has symmetrical meter and it has the word FUN in it!  I love the vibe and if we’ve met you know funky is right up my alley! This 11th annual event is taking place September 12th-14th. Find the deets here: Funky Ferndale.  I don’t know if I should go into November because some of you are still in a summer frame of mind, beaches, pina coladas and sunscreen. However, I’ve never been great with rules, so I will tell you that you will be able to catch me at the 10th annual Cleveland by Hand Fine Art and Craft Fair November 14th- 16th. Oh yeah, I feel my Ohio coming on. I truly did not want y’all up there to think I was neglecting you. Cleveland by Hand
East Coast News: (or does this count as Southern?)  In addition to my dual Virginia Beach engagements, I will be in Durham for the 40th annual Centerfest Arts Festival September 20th & 21st. I am looking forward to the quality of work at this show and some fantastic Southern style cooking and hospitality! Check it out: Centerfest Arts Festival
Northwest News:  October 24th- 26th we can meet up at the Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft Show in Seattle.  I love the Northwest and am so excited to be a part of this show. I’m also hoping Seattle will be cooler than Tucson in October. Gosh— the SEAFOOD!!!! I’m hungry already. Here’s the link: BNW October
Southern News:  There’s Durham’s Centerfest  September 20th & 21st as noted above. I really feel like North Caroline belongs in the Southern section, but it is technically on the East Coast. So. Now it’s in both of my sections too. November 7th- 9th will find me enjoying my Southern frame of mind at The Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival in Pensacola, FL. Tell me Zac Brown, is that where the boat leaves from?? They have so much art, food and culture going on, you have to click through GGAF and find out all about it!
Online News:  Insert awkward silence here. Ummmm, really. I have been letting the web stuff slip a bit. Forgive me. I would so rather meet you all in person. I do have my Etsy store, Original Sin Jewelry on Etsy which I encourage you to stop by. Embedded deep in this overly long email is a teaser for a promotion I will be running during the fall in my Etsy store. 50/50/50. For 50 days I will list an item a day which can be purchased for only $50. Save your quarters, Jewelry Fans, IT IS ON!!!!   My own website OSJ is going to have a minor face lift and change of theme going on. I’m getting too old to read the white on black background. I’ll update the calendar and continue my blog in spurts. Check in on Facebook OSJ on FB for blog up dates, I always post links there.

Belle Armoire Jewelry Article out September 1st!
Jewelry fans, I have saved some of the most exciting news for last– you only get to know if you kept reading (I know this has been a LONG one). I have a couple of projects featured in the upcoming edition of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. Can someone pinch me? It’s such a beautiful publication and the layout is GORGEOUS! Grab one and let me know what you think!!!
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The Green Days of Spring

What a beautiful Spring morning, Jewelry Fans. Admittedly, it is warming up here in the Southwest. We have had our first 100 degree day.  I’m looking forward to this weeks cool down with highs in the low 90’s. Monsoons cannot come too soon. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The right now, right here in the studio has been fantastic. Sure, there are large quantities of coffee, green tea and the occasional (laughing) adult beverage involved, but the work I’ve been doing has felt amazing and stunning and absolutely a mix of new and old and leveled UP, if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean, you’ll have to find me out on the road and buy something. Just buy it, you won’t regret it and you will cherish the memory forever! Ok. Sales pitch is over. Back to the Green Days of Spring.

You may be thinking that the Green Days of Spring allude to the renewal of growth, the beautiful flowering of our chlorophyll neighbors as the warmth of the golden sun’s rays spread across the frosty, snow encrusted (some of you!) earth. Well. You’d be wrong. Sorry! The Green Days of Spring come from my calendar  where there are actually days colored in with a green Sharpie (all hail the great Sharpies!!). You see, my schedule can be a bit crazy, with teaching, retail, and appointments for myself, my business and my family. In an attempt to Clarify my Commitments and get real about what I’m doing and where, I have color coded the activities. Blue Sharpie– Family. Pink Sharpie– Show. Green Sharpie– Studio Time. Oh— the Green Days!!! Since April’s Bead Fest Philadelphia, what a glorious string of barely interrupted Green Days I have had!

Thus, the Green Days of Spring were birthed into my universe. Accidental amazingness. I will cherish them forever. I have been hoarding them a bit, going into Studio Troll mode– coming up for a quick breath of reality (yuck) and diving back into my own world of possibility. I have tube set diamonds, I have carved settings out of casting grains, I have placed keys next to pottery shards, broken into my stash of sparkling things and sprinkled them liberally all across my designs. I have turquoise nodes, un-lapidary malachite crystals,  azurite geodes, fluorite tetrahedrons and the most stunning pieces of Anasazi pottery. All connected through gossamer threads of silver and gold wire, my life’s work, bridging the impossible reality of my past (20th USNA reunion THIS YEAR) to the unimaginable potential of my future. Our future, jewelry fans. We are all creatures of this Green Earth.

Hmmmmmm… maybe the Green Days of Spring do speak to planet-wide rebirth? Have I been drawn subconsciously towards a time of regrowth where my studio work mirrors the larger vibe of renewal? Is each moment a living testimony to the potential for beauty and committed action? What action would you take today that would make tomorrow a better place? Recycle a water bottle rather than throw it in the trash? Maybe carry a reusable water bottle to fill up instead? Sort the paper out of trash for recycling? Send your sneakers out to be remade into playground footing? What small, focused and committed step would bring you out of the electronic, pulsing shadows and into beautiful warm rays of renewed life? (Says the artist from a dimly lit room in front of glowing laptop. Hubris, anyone? But I’m only here for a second– I’ve got LIFE TO LIVE. A couple more weeks of Green Days until the Pink Days of this summer’s EPIC adventure begin).

Consider your own Green Days, Jewelry Fans. I’m cheering for you, and me, and all of us. I believe in you. Sometimes I even believe in me. Gosh– that must be the chlorophyll talking.

More to come on the Pink Days of the summer. More to come on commitment and connection. Aren’t you excited?? I am.

Keep in mind you can find me at two more EPIC teaching events this year– August once again in Philadelphia at Bead Fest.  Then for the final time this year (2014 isn’t over yet!!) in early October at Art & Soul Retreat, Virginia Beach, VA. The projects are fantastic, I’m better than great and what’s not to love about the long boardwalk of VA Beach in the golden rays of the rising autumn sun?

I’ve submitted my first article for publication in a top magazine– not telling yet– but stay tuned for the down low. I’m working on some collaborations with other amazing artists and I still have to tell you all about the most amazing art retreat (first in 10 years for me) I went on with Susan Lenart Kazmer in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Oh, Hacienda Mosaico, I miss you sooooooooooo.

Back to work, Jewelry Fans, we have a world to take over, one wire, one connection at a time.


Counting Beans and Itching Brains

Greetings Jewelry Fans!! This time of year is a balance of past, present, and future–wrapping up the dreams of last year and fully embracing the hopes and plans of this year. All of this while being firmly rooted in the present. I must confess I’m a bit off of my routine. My hair is flowing about me unbound, no hair gel (picture that those of you who have seen me out on the road!).  I have citrus trees on my mind, my next three workshops and wishing I had staff for some things. Gosh. My brain is itchy, unsettled and roving. I keep telling myself– keep moving Dotolo (I switch into maiden name and military mode for private motivational chats)!

I have finished up the end of year paperwork and submitted the requisite documents to the IRS. What a great opportunity to objectively evaluate all the boring parts of the business like costs, income and growth. I have instituted a new spreadsheet which examines direct cost & direct income of shows.  I am working to add columns for indirect costs and indirect income to come up with a final number called the “Show Factor.” It almost sounds like a TV program, as in “tune in next Tuesday evening to see where Margaret will go, what her show will be like and what the “Show Factor” is!!”

I like math, I like a discreet solution and working on the data sooths my itchy brain. How do I account for mileage and attribute a 6,000 mile loop to the three related shows? When I’m going a distance, I like to look for what I call a “two for” where I do at least  two shows in one geographic region at once, but the summer season in the west and northwest has me crisscrossing the states from Arizona, to Wyoming, to Washington, to Colorado. I can tell you, Jewelry Fans that the United States of America is HUGE. I have driven an average of 20,000 miles just for shows the last four years running. America is HUGE. But, back to the math problem- where do those mileage costs go? Perhaps I should create an even split rule whereas all shows in a loop have an equal share of the mileage? That seems like the most logical thing, doesn’t it? Or does the show that is my main draw get the lion share of the mileage, to see if it should be the main draw? That appears to be perfectly reasonable too!

Crappers. Even the math of this business isn’t easy. My brain is itchy again.

Ok, Jewelry Fans, let’s move away from Math, it’s impossible to scratch an itchy brain and I need to- Move Dotolo!

Let’s talk about the future. I did a blog posting a while back explaining the application process in pretty good detail– even going back to the photography needed to set up and apply to shows. I think I failed to discuss how darn itchy the entire thing makes my brain. Like right now. I’m sitting on maybe a dozen applications for the summer, waiting to see where my journey will take me. Mix in a sprinkle of teaching shows with the retail shows–teaching shows book up to a year in advance– mix in my restless urge to see every darn place I can and convert you all to Minions of Wire– and BLAMO!!! I have a cosmic, crisscrossing, road warrior mess.

Oh. And an itchy brain. Because the logistics (hotels, rest stops, good, organic food) of the future can be an obsession of mine. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. The 7 P’s of military planning. Ask my road warrior friends, they will tell you I am normally PREPARED. (Except for the time I forgot my lights– but no one is perfect!)

Preparing for what’s to come: Check

Paperwork for what has already come: Check

Existing in the RIGHT NOW:  ummmmmmm, ummmmmm, stutter, ummmmmmm.


I knew I was missing something.

Centered. Present. Focused. Committed. To Right NOW. I can feel the energy sinking into my core. There is sunshine outside. Birds. The occasional car. A big, fluffy golden retriever named Daisy snoring at my feet. Oh yes. Snoring. Loud.  And in this moment, I renew my promise to take each second as THE MOMENT. This is the only one that counts. Time to channel something greater than me and create a connection.

Oddly enough, my brain isn’t itchy anymore.


Hummingbird Bath in a Sprinkle of Water- Joy Unmasked

The end of February is almost upon us, Jewelry Fans, and I am living vividly through each and every moment of this fast and furious month. Since the end of the Gem show I have exhibited at two events in and around Tucson under perfect skies and high 70’s temperatures. Please don’t hate me because the weather here is amazing. All things come and all things go, this weather will slowly evaporate into the sweltering near 100 degree days of late April and May. Sigh. But it is beautiful now, and that is where my focus is. The future is yet unwritten and who knows what treasures it will hold? Today’s treasure is a hummingbird taking a fresh water bath in the sprinkle of water from my drip system underneath the wild boughs of my desert willow.  What a treat!

These beautiful, fluttering companions often catch my eye as they pollinate my dear desert willow. I have a sneaking suspicion that my neighbors do not love my uncut- unshaped- unrestrained tree, but I have a secret space in my heart for wild things, and my dear desert willow has taken root therein. Wild things have an explosive Joy and immediate Presence in them. The beauty and shade of my dear wild desert willow attracts birds and butterflies, and even rabbits to rest under her graceful extensions.  The accompanying hummingbirds are tiny miracles of movement to me– a lightweight, agile, acrobatic vessel of Joy. They move about the brightly colored blooms of the Southwest and are sparkling glimmers of jewel toned happiness as they do what they do best– hummingbird style. Thank you, Universe, for hummingbird style.

The question becomes, what Joy do I bring to my work? What do I do best? What, Universe, is Margaret Aden style? What sense of movement, of freedom, of newly discovered jewels are unearthed through my jewelry, Jewelry Fans? In a society where we are thankfully past the hunt-and-gather-to-survive mode, what else is reaching through my work to be meaningful and important? In my last posting we proved that each of our work products has a sliver of the Divine in them, and now, how to prove that there is Joy as well? I think those of you whom I’ve met On the Road, can attest to the fact that my work has a resonance, a calmness to it, dare I say, Joy? Which is sooooooo very funny, because I am a bit south of Calm on the personality scale. Committed, Courageous, Crazy might be words used for me, but Calm?? Ummmm, no way, but Joy? I hope so, let’s meet up out there, On the Road, and you can tell me, wherefore art the Joy in my work. Deal?

I am finished with the draining struggle for preeminence, jockeying for position, and down right fear based decisions that can accompany The Road of being an artist. With over 6 billion human souls on the earth and countless billions of other living creatures– desert willows, hummingbird, rabbits and butterflies to name a few– the concept of “New” must be questioned. Beyond “New” what I want to impart to you, Jewelry Fans, is the unmasked Joy of a Hummingbird, taking a freshwater shower in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Immediate. Present. Uncontrived. Executed Perfectly.

Joy. Centered Presence. Intentional Abundance.

Let’s go for it, Jewelry Fans!! What do we have to loose? Fear? Anxiety? Less thans??  Forget about it– we are all more than we know.


The Memory of Wire

What an exciting, exhausting week it has been, Jewelry Fans. I have been teaching at To Bead True Blue at the Doubletree Hotel in Tucson, AZ during my home town’s world famous Gem Show. 5 classes down, 3 to go. I’m a bit out of breath, out of money (go figure and only temporarily) and totally in awe of the women I have met this week. Like I have told them all in class, I applaud them for continually learning new skills, asking questions and delving into their own artistic hearts and desires. Bravo Ladies (sorry, no Dudes in my classes this year), Bravo!!

In one class, “the memory of wire” came up. Not in the metaphysical sense, but in the work hardening, actual shape that the molecules of the wire get arranged into and then cleave to the memory of (gosh, I shouldn’t end this sentence with a preposition, but it feels so right). But whoa— what??? Wire has MEMORY?? Exploding fireworks beside my head. Of course, I knew this, but the phrasing hit a chord within me and I began to meditate upon the “Memory of Wire”. Not only will this make a possibly fantastic book title for me (dibsies, dibsies, universe!! I CALLED IT!), but the idea that the wire I work with, the sometimes hypnotic rhythm of weaving and twining and twisting could imprint not just the shape I coax it into– but the MEMORY of the creative force behind it. Whoa.  I am blown away by the metaphysical implications.

I told a friend recently, that when I am on the road, when I am OUT THERE with YOU ALL and when I am IN THE STUDIO,  I truly feel that I am channeling a creative and energetic force far greater than me. I am not the creative force behind the scenes, I merely CHANNEL the creative force behind the scenes and out on the road.  Combine this thought with the idea that the wire with which I am working (okay, I use sheeting, some pretty sparkly things, and even some great fibers– but truly, mostly, wire) has a memory of the creative force of which I am merely a conduit for then wherefore does the that leave us all? What, then, are my pieces?? Perhaps they are truly representations of the creative force of the universe?? Did you see how I used the transitive property of Algebra (okay, other things too) to prove that my works are really just small, woven shards of the Divine creation?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm… something to contemplate surely.

By extension then, is not the work that my students create, the work that we all create in our jobs, passions and hobbies– are not THOSE works ALL EXTENSIONS of the DIVINE.


Exploding fireworks right by the head. Again. Maybe even a little bit bigger this time.

No pressure, Jewelry Fans, no pressure.

Don’t think about this if you don’t want to. After a week of teaching and channeling the CREATIVE FORCE of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, I could just be a bit off my rocker.

The Memory of Wire– what a fantastic thing it is after all.



Authentically Me??

Greetings from the flip side of the New Year, Jewelry Fans. I know, I know, the new year is sooooooo three weeks ago. Forgive me, things take me a while to get around to sometimes, especially this New Years stuff.  I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions. I believe that EACH day is powerful– EACH day provides us an opportunity to reach new decisions and discover uncharted water. These days, I’ve been meditating on being Authentically Me, and in doing so, I’ve decided to embrace the Chinese New Year. In fact, I am EARLY to embrace the Chinese New Year, it begins at the end of January!! In one week– The Year of the Horse is coming, and the Year of the Snake will be done. The Horse is the symbol of traveling, competition and victory, a talisman for noble, outstanding leadership. If your lucky element is Fire, like mine– than 2014 should burn brighter than any other year for you as this Year of the Horse is crafted of wood.  No pressure, Jewelry Fans. No pressure.

The question is– what fire will burn brighter? What victory will The Year of the Horse bring?? I am hoping and meditating upon a year of being Authentically Me. I know there is no grammatically correct reason to capitalize Authentically Me. But for the fact that I draw attention to it, for whatsoever the eye shall see, the mind shall engage in. If I could, I would throw a bit of neurolinguistic recognition in there and circle Authentically Me with a thick, black magic marker-esque circle.  Authentically Me. Authentically Me. Authentically Me.

During the past five years, I realize that I have, in fact, been going about this ART CAREER thing all wrong. I have been following a scripted path, written down by heaven knows who, on HOW to BE an ARTIST and HOW to BE SUCCESFULL.  There is something dwelling in me that craves order and tidiness (United States Naval Academy, anyone?) Certainly, deadlines and submission guidelines need to be adhered to, but the heart and soul of my art– that is Mine. I reclaim it.  I reject the pre-ordained path and hereby declare, by the power invested in me by the almighty creative force of the universe, that I am OFF ROAD. Follow closely, jewelry fans– because this year, in the year of the Horse, you never know where I will be, or what I will be doing, but for one thing– I will be Authentically Me. This is not a linear Journey, but a Path encompassing brilliant, explosive moments of Beauty, Joy and Awe. Go ahead, close your eyes; see your life as a beautiful night sky full of streaming, sparkling, exploding fireworks, a choreography of energy, pure light and movement.

What does an Authentic You look like, Jewelry Fans?? What is it about you that is constrained and longing to be free? What new technique do you want to learn? What uncharted water would you like to test? How is it possible to be more YOU every day of YOUR life? For me, it means cups of tea, long walks with my dogs, time spent with my boys (I feel the clock of their independence ticking louder and louder), the companionship of my loving husband, allowing myself a sense of wonder and play in the studio, refusing to harbor anger in my heart, and greeting each moment with a full sense of being present with a heart full of love.

I think you will notice a difference in my work . I look forward to seeing all of you, in this, 2014, the Year of the Horse, the Year of Authentically Me.



Philadelphia Double Tap!

Subject: Philadelphia Double Tap!

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  Philadelphia Double Tap
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Hello Jewelry Fans! I apologize for sending out another email so soon– two in as many weeks seem offensive to me, considering I’ve sent one out in the last three years, but I don’t know how to make them contain more events (yet) and there is so much to tell you. This email is about Philadelphia!
I will be teaching at Bead Fest Philadelphia both in April and in August. April is a quick two day teaching trip, but in August you can choose from six workshops over five days of classes– including at two day workshop “Going with the Flow” in which each student will design, construct and weave a major Art Jewelry piece. Think of the pieces you see at my booth or the ones I wear– AMAZING.  I’ve included a picture of one of the pieces above.
You can find me selling my wares in Miami (Beaux Arts Festival Jan 17-18) and in Tucson this winter  (La Encantada Feb 15-16), Green Valley Farmer’s market most Wednesdays and the Rincon market on Saturdays — stop by, I have so many great new styles. I also have an Etsy shop with a selection of work– however, be warned, there is always more in person.
I’ve corrected some poor spelling on the links of the email (sorry!) and wanted to let you know my website will be updated by the end of this weekend. The blogs will continue, in a scheduled, maintained fashion. I’m trying out a “blocking” schedule technique to help me keep all the balls in the air.
Be on the look at for my workshops in Virginia Beach this year at the Art and Soul Retreats Sep 30- Oct 5. It will be my first event with the organization– so let’s make it a good one Jewelry Fans!  I haven’t been back to that neck of the woods since I was in the Navy, Ma’am! Thanks so much for your support, I hope to see you all this year.
 Bead Fest Philadelphia Spring is better than ever!
Choose from Cuff, Hoops, Necklace or Ring classes in combinations of weaving and my break-all-the-rules-construction-techniques. Maybe try two- or maybe try all four! This April is closer than you think– don’t wait to register.
Bead Fest August Philadelphia is the FLAGSHIP event of the year!
6 workshops spread over only 5 days including my aforementioned “Going with the Flow” two day workshop. Honestly, this is a dream schedule and I’m so excited to be teaching this line up of classes. In fact… cross your fingers… this is a very good snapshot of some of the projects in my first book! This event isn’t quite open for registration, but you can check back to the page below for the schedule very soon. Click on my name and voila– when the site goes live, the schedule will be there.