Monthly Archives: April 2012

Beginnings are exciting and challenging

Howdy! Howdy! Many of you have had me greet you in just that fashion as you walk into my booth at festivals. I think it’s fitting to begin my first post in the same friendly way. Over the last couple of years I know tons of you have heard me talk about my terrible (out of date, very last decade, tacky graphics) website. I’ve searched high and low for a good replacement and am going to try this wordpress thing on for size. I’m scared. I don’t talk to computers very much, or with a great degree of fluency. I am so worried to screw it up, make mistakes, kiss frogs. However, despite my fear and complete illiteracy in this sphere of contemporary existence, here we go. I am both scared and excited. Imagine a place where I can post new work as it comes off my work table! Imagine a place where fans, friends and family can connect with me and learn about the daily comings and goings, musings, moods and even mistakes of my artistic journey! Imagine a world where thin threads of wire connect us all and pull us from our lonely, commuting, asleep-at-the-wheel-lives and into something real and magical! Okay, that might be above and beyond the capabilities of this humble e-domicile, but maybe not. Join me and lets see what we can learn, share and discover.

No matter how many times I screw it up, if you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. Deal?