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The Official Only Time I Will Discuss This…

Hello Art Lovers! I’ve been on the road the last couple of months, saving up topics and all sorts of cool new designs to share. However, before I can move on, I would like to discuss the delicate topic of “another wire artist”.  At shows, I hear one of two things: 1. “Oh my! I’ve never seen any thing like this before.” or 2. “Oh, don’t you have your things in a gallery in Santa Fe?” 

The first response pleases me, if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I am trying to take the world over with wire. Therefore, when people are intrigued and experiencing what wire can really do for the first time, the education of the populace (you fabulous art fans out there) can begin. I’m honest about where my wire training began and with whom- Mary Hettmansperger, Barb Switzer and Lisa Claxton. My one week of classes with these three ladies has informed the whole of my artistic sensibilities when it comes to wire. After that, I can credit a unique and rich internal life in which my brain poses questions for which I must experiment and come up with answers. The year to year evolution of my work circles around several themes– 2 Dimensional vs 3 Dimensional, small vs large, entrapment vs exposure. Patina, pattern and structure are the vehicles with which I explore the aforementioned dichotomies.

In the second case, I have a canned response, “Oh no, I don’t show in Santa Fe, but I know of whom you speak. Certainly, my designs are much more original than that!” Unfortunately, I have had the not so pleasant experience of meeting the artist of whom most folks are talking about at a show in Houston, TX several years back. Not only did this artist fail to exhibit any common courtesies of exhibiting artists, but the negativity and territorial bent of the pursuant monologue was quite shocking to me. You see, I’m a friendly smiley girl. If we have met at a show- you know it to be true- customers and neighbors alike. If my goal is to take the world over with wire, then I believe wire artists need to band together and support the diverse way we each express our designs along the path of our individual art careers.  

Women have been twining for tens of thousands of years, to believe that any one person in the modern era came up with the entire idea of connecting large wires with small wires is ridiculous. (In fact, I believe Arlene Fisch’s work predates any other contemporary wire artist. A lovely customer in Palm Springs told me to look her up this year.) And furthermore, to believe that any person working with wire in the modern era can trace all there designs and techniques back to a particular contemporary artist is also ridiculous. I do believe that if we put enough monkeys in a room with typewriters, one of them would come out with Romeo and Juliet (I’m showing my age here, I believe today we would have to supply the monkeys with iPads, Android tablets and vitamin water to expect them to produce anything at all).

In conclusion, I’m just another monkey with a couple of pieces of wire trying to figure out what willl happen if I do this, or that, or whatever has popped into my brain after a 1,600 mile, 25 hour drive straight through from Seattle to Tucson. I would also like to formally state that I have a busy family life, and up until recently was running dual careers in both the defense industry and art. (Funny saying it like that.)  I didn’t, don’t and never will have time to give two blinks of an eye to stalking someone else’s work. I have too much to do!!

I have to admit, it feels really good to get this off my chest.

Thank you to all the customers I have met on the road. Your enthusiasm and interest in my work humbles me. I am honored to meet each of you.

And for those of you who decide not to be customers but critics, I have one final series of questions for you: do you buy clothing from Nordstroms AND Macy’s? Target AND Walmart? Will you buy produce from the grocery store AND a road side stand? Have you ever purchased jewelry from Tiffany’s AND Kay’s? Have you ever owned a Ford AND a Honda? Have you ever had a Maltese AND a Retriever? Please note, that these need not occur at the exact same time, but over the course of a life. I’m guessing the answer to this line of questioning is “yes.” So, here’s one more logic test: if you can purchase jewelry from two different goldsmiths, than why does purchasing work from two different wiresmiths seem so wrong?

This is the only time I will officially discuss this.

My piece on this is said, done, put down and never to be mentioned again.