Tucson Bead Show at the Windmill in Feb 5th-Feb 10th 2013 Classes!

I want to apologize to my faithful legion of fans out there (Hi Mom! Hi Sisters! Hi Friends!), and while my legions may look more like a small coffee club– I am grateful for each of you. Anyway, my apologies for being in absentia on-blog since August. I’ve been on the road, and I got a year older in August, so I’m slower than I was last year. He He He. I’m excited to announce that I have signed with with lovely folks at To Bead True Blue and the Tucson Bead Show to host my VERY OWN Teaching Suite at the Windmill Inn this February during the Tucson Gem Show.

Here is my proposed schedule below: 

Tuesday, Feb 5

          9am-1pm Ruffle Cuff                                 $95 includes Copper Kit

          1:30pm-4:30pm Woven Crown Hoops V2          $85 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-6:30pm Happy Hour Earrings           $20 includes Copper Kit

          7pm-9pm ExoSkeleton                               $70 includes Copper Kit


Wednesday, Feb 6

          9am-2pm Encrusted Vessels                     $105 includes Copper Kit

          2:30pm-4:30pm EndoSkeleton                            $70 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-7pm Wishbone Necklace and Earrings        $70 includes Copper Kit


Thursday, Feb 7

          9am-4pm Asymmetrical Circles Collar        $155 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-7pm Geometrix Rings                        $85 includes Copper Kit


Friday, Feb 8

          9am-12pm Woven Crown Hoops V2                  $85 includes Copper Kit

          12:30pm-3:30pm Geode Winged Rings (T)         $115 includes Silver Kit

          4pm-7pm Hidden Key Cuff                        $85 includes Copper Kit


Saturday, Feb 9

          9am-4pm Fossilized Turtle Shell Cuff (T)  $235 includes Silver Kit

          5pm-8pm Odd Shaped Rings (T)               $115 includes Silver Kit


Sunday, Feb 10

          9am-4pm Druzy/Geode Collar (TORCH)   $285 includes Silver Kit

          4:30pm-7:30pm Woven Key Vessel           $85 includes Copper Kit


Standby for Class Descriptions! And links on the side for PayPal Payment. I can also call you for CC #’s, email me!

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