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It’s ALL In a Name, Right?

Hello Jewelry Fans! I’ve been rolling this topic around in my head for about a month and hopefully we’ll all get something out of reading/writing this post. My 15 year old son has often asked me how I arrived at the name Original Sin Jewelry. For many years I kept telling him I’d tell him when I was older. This fall, I finally explained it to him, and I’d like to explain it to you. He received a short version, briefly outlining my beefs and the fact that I’ve decided to carry Original Sin as a BADGE, rather than be controlled by the unproven, theological posturing of it.  If you are religiously sensitive, you may not want to read on. I will not permit comments arguing theology here, this is my soap box and I’m the one who is talking here. Sorry. Get your own blog.

Those of you who have met me out on the show circuit have asked, and we’ve talked, laughed and never cried about it– but my son had never heard.  I’ve spoken to recovered Mormons, recovered Jews and even those who claimed to be Lutherans– the original recovered Catholics. The short answer is that I’m a modern day never to be reclaimed by the Papal See RECOVERED CATHOLIC. You can pray for me, light candles and erect a Cathedral to woo me back to the faith, but I’m not making any promises. The story is long, involved, I’ll share it here of course, and really boils down to an organized religion placing continual blame, guilt, and shame on me because I am a woman. As the Military Chaplain at the Newport Rhode Island training base told me once, women were not always allowed to attend their children’s Christenings– for fear that the ORIGINAL SIN they carried would pass to the new born child. Ummm, this was in the year of Lord 2000, not 1654, not 1911,  it was 2000.

I have other religious beefs. I can’t help but air them hear to explain to you how, why, and what the heck for the name, Original Sin Jewelry is about. I will tell you that the four years I attended the United States Naval Academy, I went to mass almost EVERY DAY. I was a Lay Eucharist Minister, I read at the Lectern. I never did sing in the chorus, but my friends understand that. I participated fully and completely in my faith, the cadre of priests at the US Naval Academy welcomed me into the fold of the Church. It was a good time. I needed the faith. I needed the community. I took the inspired words of Jesus and God to heart.

And yet, the very faithful Christians that I prayed with (not specifically Catholics) and served with told me in the spring of my First Class (read Senior) year, that I was anathema to God, that my very presence at a military academy was against God’s wishes for me as a woman. I shit you not. Almost four years of service, both to God and to the military and they’d been holding onto that and decided to tell me that why?  I’ve always been sharp tongued (ask my family) and I countered— What about Ruth? She was a Judge because the men of her tribe could not do it. God called her to a task that women didn’t serve in– why couldn’t he call me to a task in the same manner? I was a stunned young woman.

Flash forward, to Pope John Paul II”s call to the faithful. He called me back to the fold. I reached out to the church by me in VA, I wanted to put my children in Catholic school, be a participating member of the church. The Pope’s message was strong. Ummmm. No. Not to be. I was informed that the school was full. I’d be lucky to get on the wait list. But the Pope called, I wanted to come home. Nope. The church was not prepared to take us back into the fold, they would not educate my children, they would, however, take my tithe. Nice.

Flash forward, living near New Orleans. We joined the Parish in our Parish (he he he). We put the boys in Sunday school. We attend the parents meeting. The thing I remember most prominently was parents standing up demanding that something be done about the drop off and pick up line. These parents would simply not tolerate such confusion. Umm. What? Where is the heart of service? Where were the solutions? Where were those patient and willing hearts the Lord calls us to be???? I picked up my boys and their blue crayoned colored Virgin Mary’s and we went home. Never to return.

Flash forward, Rome, a couple of years back. St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Vatican.  I was nervous. I wondered if my Catholic re-awakening would happen now?? Might the beauty and grace of the Mother Church call me back??? Might it?? No. No it did not. I was quite frankly disgusted with the wealth contained in the hallowed halls of the skirted men who tried telling me how to live my life. I thought–how many children could they feed? How many women could they educate? How many clean wells, pairs of goats and even pairs of shoes could they afford with the untold wealth locked in a small estate in the middle of Rome??? Maybe just two or three treasures could set so many wrongs a-right. And doesn’t the Catholic Church have wrongs to a-right?

And therefore, in the midst of spiritual chaos I had decided to OWN my ORIGINAL SIN like I MEANT TO OWN IT.  I can’t be spiritually bullied with something that is MINE.

And that is how the name came about. I’m not afraid to change it to something else, if my story is told and heard and welcomed. If I come to a different place in life, but for now, I still like it. I own it. It’s about ME at the very core. Every person that I meet, I’m giving you a piece of me. I’m letting it all go to each and every one of you. There is no anger in my heart, there is power. For what about a woman’s being makes religions so vehemently hate and want to control the female form? Why are women subjugated in modern times when in the original cultures all across the world they were honored? Is the answer as simple as a womb? The ultimate vessel for God’s creation? The one power women have that men do not? I’m not sure, but me and my womb will meet you out on the road this spring and summer. What up womb? Let’s roll!