What’s the Date???

Hello Jewelry Fans!!! Gosh-darn-nab-a-rab-bit! I cannot in any way believe it is 2013. And 10 days into January. I am in denial. I can Talk about January and February in general terms and as future tasks, but oh-my-goodness-gracious, the months are here and more importantly– the tasks are here!! Or events, which lead to a whole list of tasks for me to make it look effortless and professional. No sweat pants allowed on the road (this rule sucks but it is totally a good rule).

In the next two months, I have FIVE events that I could just DIE about. For real. First of all, I will be back at the Beaux Arts Festival of Arts on the University of Miami campus next weekend (Jan 19&20). I will be showing sculpture and waiting to see about jewelry (wait list– what?). Don’t worry, Jewelry Fans, I will have some on exhibition which you can buy at one of my other Florida shows if the wait list thing does not work out for me. I happen to LOVE this show. It is so beautiful and so refined. It doesn’t always have the best reviews by my fellow artists, but my wonderful Florida clients come out and make me feel welcomed and successful. I am truly in love with the University of Miami campus and will not mention the football program problems (shout out brother in law!) in this post to keep it up beat.

The next weekend (Jan 26&27) I was curated into a show on Islamorada- their fine arts festival for the winter season. I met the organizers at a west coast FL show and they are wonderful and amazing. I can’t wait to spend some quality time on that little island slice of paradise. My mother in law will be joining me that weekend, and she is a delightful and lovely lady (she and I might not have agreed on much when I first married her son, except that he was/is wonderful, but the years have built bridges and I’m so glad!)– please come out and say hello to us! I’m rushing home from Islamorada on Monday, the 28th because my baby, drum roll here please, my baby-baby-boy, who is so sweet and wonderful and I cannot believe I’ve been graced with such great kids, and if I could only convince them to brush their teeth and use deodorant (baby boy especially) and put the seat down and put their dishes in the dishwasher once and if they every make it out of their rooms (the dishes not the boys, they come out regularly for food (the boys do, not the dishes)) and fold their clothes while they are still warm from the dryer because it really does make a difference and holding the door open for a lady is not lame (!!) they would be PERFECT (!!), my baby is turning into a teenager on that day. So I have to rush home to insure there are NO STRIPPERS OR BOOZE on the premises for this grand occassion. But I digress. Of course.

Fast forward, just a smidge, to Feb 5-10 when I will be hosting a Teaching Suite at the Tucson Bead Show, Windmill Inn Suite #129. I have a simply FABULOUS array of classes on the “Teaching” tab of this very website you may choose from should you be making the Haj to Tucson for Americas Most Amazing Gem Show (my nick name, not an officially sponsored name)!! I’m not going to gush too much about it in this post because I promise you– click on the tab– you will find all the information you could possibly want about it. But I am a PROUD Lady about this, I am.

The next two events will see me back to FL. First for the Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Coconut Grove, FL (President’s Day weekend, Feb 16-18). It is also a repeat performance for me and I am so tickled to death to be invited back. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Miami and it’s people!! Miami is so diverse and multi-cultural, I can’t LOVE it ENOUGH. So. The show is fabulous. The art there is AH-MAZING, and if you are near there, you have to stop in. Of course, one of my new cuffs will look fabulous on you, so you should get on while you are chatting with me. Of course. I want to mention that the Artist port-a-potty here is an AIR CONDITIONED TRAILER. I kid you NOT– running water and everything!!! OMG!!! VALHALLA!!

The following weekend (Feb 23&24) I will be at my final FL event for the season– the South Miami Rotary Art Festival. This will be a new event for me, but I love the Miami vibe so much, I’m throwing down for a closer. I’m expecting more street fair than “ART”, but I like a good street fair. Bring it on! I will be ready.

And those are my super-fabulous-you-should-totally-not-miss-them-AT-ALL next five events. Pinch me. Don’t really, I’m being pithy here, but I am excited. I’m sure you can all tell, I have broken every rule Stephen King might have listed in his book on writing (check it out). I have use almost-expletives. I have used multiple punctuations. I have used ALL CAPS. Yikes. But I really am excited and no caps and no exclamations points didn’t seem to convey my love of this road and this game.

I will give you a teaser and let you know that just before the Tucson Bead Show and my AH-MAZING classes (shameless self-promotion, I know), I will be making a wonderful announcement. A couple of my students for the show know– don’t tell, don’t tell, don’t tell– it’s my soap box, remember? Anyway, it’s maybe more exciting than anything else I could have said so far. I will also gush about March & April & May & June around then too. I think I’m having a dream Artist year. If you click on my “Calender” tab you will have some hints, but not all.

I will be posting before then, but I’m enticing you to hang around, keep reading, and laughing, about the life, love and travels of an itinerant modern day artist who is just looking for… something? Maybe? Or maybe I already have everything I will EVER need. (Sorry AGAIN, Stephen King and HELLO Universe).

2 thoughts on “What’s the Date???

  1. Suzanne Tendler

    I am so happy for all of your success. I’ve been honored to own at least four of your amazing pieces, over the last few years. First at the Coconut Grove art show and then at the Beaux art show last year. In fact, one of my own dreams is coming true this spring, I’m taking two of your classes at Beadfest Philadelphia spring show., and can’t wait ! See you soon, Suzanne

    1. Artist Post author

      Suzanne, Thank you for your super kind words! I was actually thinking of you and wondering if I would see you at Beaux or C Grove this year. I’m honored and humbled that you have chosen to take a couple of classes with me in Philly. Simply wonderful!! We will have more time to chat and I know you will adore the projects. Lets have drinks or dinner while I’m in FL! Truly, Margaret


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