A Branch in the Road

Ah Jewelry Fans! What a quick couple of weeks it has been. I have been flying back and forth to Miami for shows while trying to hold down the fort at home. I may have mentioned the three wonderful men in my life? They have slightly different standards regarding good order and discipline. Believe me when I tell you I am the hard ass in the family.

Recently, I made an announcement to my boysStudio 9, all of them, including my husband. I told them I was breaking up with them. Gasp!! I am moving my studio OUT OF THE HOUSE and into a commercial space. You see the door to my wonderful, funky and curretnly empty space to the left. Imaginatively, I am calling the space Studio 9 (Thank you MOM!). I challenge you to look up the numerology of the number 9. The Studio is also at 657 W St Mary’s in Tucson. 657 simplifies to 9. It’s cosmic. And here is my announcement to you, Jewelry Fans, I will now have a full time space to work from and hold classes in. I will have 4 soldering stations and all the accoutrements for Open Studio Drop In at a reasonable rate per hour. All of this in addition to my own wonderful classes. Furthermore, if you are a jeweler and you would like to hold Tucson classes, I will even rent the work space out to you!


Studio from LoftI am looking for Community, a place where Art Jewelers can meet, a place where ideas flow freely and a place where a private little enclave of fabulousness branches out into the Southwest. This is another step in my plan of world wide domination by wire. I have decided to create that Community at Studio 9. There are going to be sculptures and eventually 2-D exhibitions by some of the best talent I can find. The launch date for Studio 9 is March 1st, and I’m hoping all of you will join me for a glass of champagne and a studio full of dreams. I will still be out on the road throughout the year, showing at surprising locations thorughout the US, but this is going to be my HOME BASE. The floors are sealed, the painting will begin and the schedule will soon be posted. Beginning March 1st, 2013 Original Sin Jewelry has a Home. It’s a strange word, Home. So much hope in four letters, and vision, and the heart’s exposure. In a period where we all hide behind our gadgets and computers and app’s, come out into the sunshine and share something tenuous and new and REAL. With me. At Studio 9.


One thought on “A Branch in the Road

  1. Suzanne Tendler

    Congradulations Margaret, I am so happy for you. I love that you are striving to create community, of like minded artists. I only wish that I lived in your area of the country. But, I am thrilled, excited, and also thankful that I’ll be taking several of your classes at BeadFest in the spring.
    Have a fabulous show at the Coconut Grove Art show. I would love to hear all about it.
    All the best,


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