Hot Flashes and Chills

Hello Jewelry Fans! It’s my last day in Miami and I’m struck by the complete difference of this weekend’s weather and last weekend’s weather. Last weekend after a rainy set up, the temperature plummeted to near freezing. Pursuant, I have added a rule to my Road Rules- thou (I) shalt ALWAYS pack a sweat shirt when going on the road. I thought about making it a corollary to Thou Shalt ALWAYS bring a rain coat, but I decided it shall be a stand alone rule. This weekend I’m sweating in places my Momma told me NEVER to mention!! Sometimes it’s more work to convince myself this is better than my old day job, when sales are super, it’s easy to remember. Of course. So. Enjoy the pics. Yes, you will see the same shoes in two different colors- that’s one of my shopping rules-If thou lovest the shoes by two colors. Of course.

Socks and sandals rock!

Socks and sandals rock!

Hot Feet at South Miami

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