Opening Night is Coming!

Hello Jewelry Fans! I’m excited and if I wasn’t so tired from nearly 6 straight weeks of shows and teaching, I would jump up and down. However, Studio 9 will be opening VERY, VERY soon! The benches shipped today and I would like to invite all you Jewelry Fans to an Open House on Friday, March 8th, after 1pm. Champagne will be first come, first serve. You could sign up for the Woven Crown Hoops class that morning and be there already if that’s more convenient for you.(HINT)  I’ll be teaching my Wishbone Class the day before and the Ruffle Cuff the Day after. I’m even hoping there will be students in each class.

Studio 9 is at 657 St. Mary’s in Tucson, AZ, unit C-9 (just in case you don’t remember).

There’s another weekend of classes planned the weekend of March 21st.

It’s time, Tucson. Let’s get started!

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