Authentically Me??

Greetings from the flip side of the New Year, Jewelry Fans. I know, I know, the new year is sooooooo three weeks ago. Forgive me, things take me a while to get around to sometimes, especially this New Years stuff.  I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions. I believe that EACH day is powerful– EACH day provides us an opportunity to reach new decisions and discover uncharted water. These days, I’ve been meditating on being Authentically Me, and in doing so, I’ve decided to embrace the Chinese New Year. In fact, I am EARLY to embrace the Chinese New Year, it begins at the end of January!! In one week– The Year of the Horse is coming, and the Year of the Snake will be done. The Horse is the symbol of traveling, competition and victory, a talisman for noble, outstanding leadership. If your lucky element is Fire, like mine– than 2014 should burn brighter than any other year for you as this Year of the Horse is crafted of wood.  No pressure, Jewelry Fans. No pressure.

The question is– what fire will burn brighter? What victory will The Year of the Horse bring?? I am hoping and meditating upon a year of being Authentically Me. I know there is no grammatically correct reason to capitalize Authentically Me. But for the fact that I draw attention to it, for whatsoever the eye shall see, the mind shall engage in. If I could, I would throw a bit of neurolinguistic recognition in there and circle Authentically Me with a thick, black magic marker-esque circle.  Authentically Me. Authentically Me. Authentically Me.

During the past five years, I realize that I have, in fact, been going about this ART CAREER thing all wrong. I have been following a scripted path, written down by heaven knows who, on HOW to BE an ARTIST and HOW to BE SUCCESFULL.  There is something dwelling in me that craves order and tidiness (United States Naval Academy, anyone?) Certainly, deadlines and submission guidelines need to be adhered to, but the heart and soul of my art– that is Mine. I reclaim it.  I reject the pre-ordained path and hereby declare, by the power invested in me by the almighty creative force of the universe, that I am OFF ROAD. Follow closely, jewelry fans– because this year, in the year of the Horse, you never know where I will be, or what I will be doing, but for one thing– I will be Authentically Me. This is not a linear Journey, but a Path encompassing brilliant, explosive moments of Beauty, Joy and Awe. Go ahead, close your eyes; see your life as a beautiful night sky full of streaming, sparkling, exploding fireworks, a choreography of energy, pure light and movement.

What does an Authentic You look like, Jewelry Fans?? What is it about you that is constrained and longing to be free? What new technique do you want to learn? What uncharted water would you like to test? How is it possible to be more YOU every day of YOUR life? For me, it means cups of tea, long walks with my dogs, time spent with my boys (I feel the clock of their independence ticking louder and louder), the companionship of my loving husband, allowing myself a sense of wonder and play in the studio, refusing to harbor anger in my heart, and greeting each moment with a full sense of being present with a heart full of love.

I think you will notice a difference in my work . I look forward to seeing all of you, in this, 2014, the Year of the Horse, the Year of Authentically Me.



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