The Memory of Wire

What an exciting, exhausting week it has been, Jewelry Fans. I have been teaching at To Bead True Blue at the Doubletree Hotel in Tucson, AZ during my home town’s world famous Gem Show. 5 classes down, 3 to go. I’m a bit out of breath, out of money (go figure and only temporarily) and totally in awe of the women I have met this week. Like I have told them all in class, I applaud them for continually learning new skills, asking questions and delving into their own artistic hearts and desires. Bravo Ladies (sorry, no Dudes in my classes this year), Bravo!!

In one class, “the memory of wire” came up. Not in the metaphysical sense, but in the work hardening, actual shape that the molecules of the wire get arranged into and then cleave to the memory of (gosh, I shouldn’t end this sentence with a preposition, but it feels so right). But whoa— what??? Wire has MEMORY?? Exploding fireworks beside my head. Of course, I knew this, but the phrasing hit a chord within me and I began to meditate upon the “Memory of Wire”. Not only will this make a possibly fantastic book title for me (dibsies, dibsies, universe!! I CALLED IT!), but the idea that the wire I work with, the sometimes hypnotic rhythm of weaving and twining and twisting could imprint not just the shape I coax it into– but the MEMORY of the creative force behind it. Whoa.  I am blown away by the metaphysical implications.

I told a friend recently, that when I am on the road, when I am OUT THERE with YOU ALL and when I am IN THE STUDIO,  I truly feel that I am channeling a creative and energetic force far greater than me. I am not the creative force behind the scenes, I merely CHANNEL the creative force behind the scenes and out on the road.  Combine this thought with the idea that the wire with which I am working (okay, I use sheeting, some pretty sparkly things, and even some great fibers– but truly, mostly, wire) has a memory of the creative force of which I am merely a conduit for then wherefore does the that leave us all? What, then, are my pieces?? Perhaps they are truly representations of the creative force of the universe?? Did you see how I used the transitive property of Algebra (okay, other things too) to prove that my works are really just small, woven shards of the Divine creation?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm… something to contemplate surely.

By extension then, is not the work that my students create, the work that we all create in our jobs, passions and hobbies– are not THOSE works ALL EXTENSIONS of the DIVINE.


Exploding fireworks right by the head. Again. Maybe even a little bit bigger this time.

No pressure, Jewelry Fans, no pressure.

Don’t think about this if you don’t want to. After a week of teaching and channeling the CREATIVE FORCE of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, I could just be a bit off my rocker.

The Memory of Wire– what a fantastic thing it is after all.



2 thoughts on “The Memory of Wire

  1. Suzanne Tendler

    Another insightful blog to think on and ponder all the possibilities that you mentioned. And yes, I totally agree, that is one main reason, we, your fans adore your creations and love spending time with you. I feel honored that we had our time together recently in Tucson.
    Talk more soon..I promise !

  2. Karen E

    I could SO see the creative juices churning and the ‘fire of creativity’ burning bright in you in class. (Not getting all woowoo here) You’re a wonderful teacher and I didn’t feel scared of the flame! Yea!


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