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Counting Beans and Itching Brains

Greetings Jewelry Fans!! This time of year is a balance of past, present, and future–wrapping up the dreams of last year and fully embracing the hopes and plans of this year. All of this while being firmly rooted in the present. I must confess I’m a bit off of my routine. My hair is flowing about me unbound, no hair gel (picture that those of you who have seen me out on the road!).  I have citrus trees on my mind, my next three workshops and wishing I had staff for some things. Gosh. My brain is itchy, unsettled and roving. I keep telling myself– keep moving Dotolo (I switch into maiden name and military mode for private motivational chats)!

I have finished up the end of year paperwork and submitted the requisite documents to the IRS. What a great opportunity to objectively evaluate all the boring parts of the business like costs, income and growth. I have instituted a new spreadsheet which examines direct cost & direct income of shows.  I am working to add columns for indirect costs and indirect income to come up with a final number called the “Show Factor.” It almost sounds like a TV program, as in “tune in next Tuesday evening to see where Margaret will go, what her show will be like and what the “Show Factor” is!!”

I like math, I like a discreet solution and working on the data sooths my itchy brain. How do I account for mileage and attribute a 6,000 mile loop to the three related shows? When I’m going a distance, I like to look for what I call a “two for” where I do at least  two shows in one geographic region at once, but the summer season in the west and northwest has me crisscrossing the states from Arizona, to Wyoming, to Washington, to Colorado. I can tell you, Jewelry Fans that the United States of America is HUGE. I have driven an average of 20,000 miles just for shows the last four years running. America is HUGE. But, back to the math problem- where do those mileage costs go? Perhaps I should create an even split rule whereas all shows in a loop have an equal share of the mileage? That seems like the most logical thing, doesn’t it? Or does the show that is my main draw get the lion share of the mileage, to see if it should be the main draw? That appears to be perfectly reasonable too!

Crappers. Even the math of this business isn’t easy. My brain is itchy again.

Ok, Jewelry Fans, let’s move away from Math, it’s impossible to scratch an itchy brain and I need to- Move Dotolo!

Let’s talk about the future. I did a blog posting a while back explaining the application process in pretty good detail– even going back to the photography needed to set up and apply to shows. I think I failed to discuss how darn itchy the entire thing makes my brain. Like right now. I’m sitting on maybe a dozen applications for the summer, waiting to see where my journey will take me. Mix in a sprinkle of teaching shows with the retail shows–teaching shows book up to a year in advance– mix in my restless urge to see every darn place I can and convert you all to Minions of Wire– and BLAMO!!! I have a cosmic, crisscrossing, road warrior mess.

Oh. And an itchy brain. Because the logistics (hotels, rest stops, good, organic food) of the future can be an obsession of mine. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. The 7 P’s of military planning. Ask my road warrior friends, they will tell you I am normally PREPARED. (Except for the time I forgot my lights– but no one is perfect!)

Preparing for what’s to come: Check

Paperwork for what has already come: Check

Existing in the RIGHT NOW:  ummmmmmm, ummmmmm, stutter, ummmmmmm.


I knew I was missing something.

Centered. Present. Focused. Committed. To Right NOW. I can feel the energy sinking into my core. There is sunshine outside. Birds. The occasional car. A big, fluffy golden retriever named Daisy snoring at my feet. Oh yes. Snoring. Loud.  And in this moment, I renew my promise to take each second as THE MOMENT. This is the only one that counts. Time to channel something greater than me and create a connection.

Oddly enough, my brain isn’t itchy anymore.