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Right Timing– a look back at the Summer of 2014 (and a glance ahead)

Hello Jewelry Fans! You may notice the blog has a new look. I don’t know if it’s permanent, but I’m trying on some new styles for size. Let me know what you think over the weeks ahead? Labor Day is this weekend and I cannot honestly say where they time between June and now has gone. I’ve been on the road, and home, and on the road, and home and — well, you get the picture.

The Omaha Summer Arts Festival in June was spectacular! Thank you to all the Omaha folks that adopted my pieces into their hearts and homes. I gotta tell y’all though– your town is a little farther from mine than I was thinking it was!! I mean— who in the world would drive there with two teenage boys??? Well. Other than me. What a journey it was. We offered to hug it out with our trainee waitress in Missouri, we stayed at the cutest Best Western in NM just outside of Albuquerque, we ate like kings and a queen from the Suite Shop at the Homewood Suites downtown Omaha. But man!! It was a long drive. As ever, the journey surprises me and delights me. (Shout out to TULSA, OK here!! What a great visit we had with a good friend!)

I must admit that I trimmed a couple of shows from my schedule this summer. With teenagers at home, I’ve been feeling very much like a one armed woman in a bar room brawl. Does anyone else think that raising responsible human beings is just down right challenging? Can we talk about car insurance??? For under 25 year old, unmarried young men?? (Please buy as much jewelry as possible from my line, I have a young man’s CAR INSURANCE TO PAY!!  Didn’t he just learn to walk a couple of months ago??) My apologies for the shameless retail plug, but don’t forget that the shop names on Etsy have no spaces (OriginalSinJewelry).

I’m trying to hone my understanding regarding commitments– choosing where the blood, sweat and energy goes with deliberate acknowledgement of the inherent exchange of energy therein. Do you feel me, Jewelry Fans?? Simultaneously, I’m trying to understand the reflective (not like pretty and sparkly, reflective, but like two parts emitting light across a divide of space) relationship between commitment and the right timing of events. Have you ever committed to something that just didn’t happen?? That didn’t work? That needed to be cut short? Cut out? Eliminated because the commitment you made was just not the best thing when the moment arrived? Or rather the commitment I made was just not the best thing when the moment arrived?? I can own that statement. I’m ok with that.  So that’s what’s been on my mind. What is the right timing of my work with you, Jewelry Fans? What touchstone can we be for each other?? Keep it in mind… I definitely am even as I try to get deeper and be more present in the right now & right timing.

This fall will be a bit of a dream for me. I have some really great shows lined up and I’m excited to be showing my work in new (but also old)  places. I’m especially excited about the Art and Soul Retreat in Virginia Beach, September 30th through October 5th. During my early Navy days, I lived probably 5 miles from the site of the Retreat. I positively ADORE the Bay side of VA Beach. That’s not to say that I will not enjoy my booth on the Boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean during Virginia Beach’s Neptune Festival, it’s just to say that there are places in this world where we drop a bit of our hearts. There are places where we tether out souls so that if we are lost they can be guideposts to who we were, who we are and maybe help us decide who we want to be. The Chicks Beach side of Va Beach is one of those such places for me. As is Newport, RI. As is New Orleans, LA. Driving again the long miles of the East Coast States has me riding with ghosts of my younger self. It is positively haunting and beautiful and bitter sweet. Will I know better who I am to be after this autumn? I will let you know, Jewelry Fans, your guess is as good as mine.

A flurry of last minute reminders– check out Original Sin Jewelry on Facebook for a list of shows. Please consider signing up for a class in VA Beach at the Art and Soul Retreat?? And keep it loose, Jewelry Fans– you never know where the Journey will take you.


The Journey Continues… Join Me?

The Journey Continues… Join Me?

Mt. Gretna & Philadelphia
Hello Jewelry Fans! August begins my East Coast Invasion!
I will be showing at the 40th Annual Mt. Gretna Art Show taking place on August 16th & 17th. I’m so very excited to be a part of this beautiful event. It has been on my exhibition list for three years and the logistics have finally lined up. It’s no small feat to get from Arizona to Pennsylvania, so I hope you will come out and support me and all the wonderful artists at this event. Here’s a the web address: 40th Annual Mt. Gretna Art Show
The very next weekend you will find me at the Greater Philadelphia Convention Center teaching some of my favorite classes at Bead Fest, Philadelphia. The show dates are August 20th- 24th. I will have an artist table in the exhibition hall where you will be able to stock up on cool supplies, directions and finished jewelry. It’s almost time- so if you’ve been waiting to sign up– don’t wait anymore or you’ll miss it. Check out my Facebook page where you will find a valuable coupon. Here’s the link for that! OSJ on FB
One final link to Bead Fest Registration!! What in the world are you waiting for?!

Virginia Beach AHOY!!
I have two exhibitions planned in Virginia Beach in late September and early October. What a flashback this is going to be for me. You see, Jewelry Fans,  back in the Navy day, I lived and worked in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. I’m not exactly sure where the last decade or so has wandered off to (ok, it could be longer than that) and I understand both the Chesapeake Bay Area and I have changed, but boy, I cannot wait to breath the Indian Summer Salt air and get an ice cream at the DQ on the boardwalk (gosh! I hope it’s still there!!) Ok, ok, ok– what are the exhibitions, you ask??
First up is the 41st Annual Virginia Beach Neptune Festival September 26th-28th. I don’t have the down low on my booth location yet, but could there be a bad spot on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk? Honestly! Here’s the web address for info on this great festival: 41st Annual Neptune Festival
The very next weekend, I will be teaching at the Art and Soul Retreat. My classes run from Oct 1st through Oct 5th. A couple of them are limited seating so check it out and start planning your Indian Summer already!!  Click here:  Art & Soul Retreat  I have an all day (9 hours!) Construction Zone class where we’ll go into non-traditional attachments. It’s going to be EPIC. There’s a cute torch work pair of earrings, a cold connection woven pair of earrings and lastly a sparkling fossilized shell in a soldered setting with a  woven cuff.  Who says hot and cold work don’t mix?  I’ll have some items for sale from my private hoard and the best looking artist assistant in the business (one of my teenagers!).
Once you click through (Art & Soul) Scroll down the Instructor page (where you will land) and take a look at the workshops. Aden is pretty close to the top (thank you Sweet Husband for an early last name!). I am pleased as punch to be a part of this intimate event. I look forward to making connections with students and fellow artists along the shores of the Atlantic, the rhythmic waves still hold a piece of my heart and soul.

More East Coast and a sprinkle of Midwest and Southern and Southwest News. Maybe a little Northwest News too.
Southwest News:  Ok. Going to catch y’all up on the rest of the goings ons. Firstly, I have become a proud member of the Desert Artisans Gallery here in Tucson, AZ. That means my work is available for sale all year round and in one place. What?? Oh yeah. All the time, in one place. I won’t be there all the time, but my work will. And one of my fellow Coop members will be there when I’m not. It’s a beautiful collection of art from our regions best artists. I have been looking for HOME and being grounded where I live, especially since I am often gallivanting around the country. I’m tickled pink and so happy to have found a home for my Artist’s Heart.  Desert Artisan’s Gallery  Click through to find all the deets (my teenagers tell me this means details) and gawk at the fantastic artwork. Later in the fall you will be able to find me at a sprinkle of shows throughout the region. Stop on by my website to keep updated on my schedule. OSJ WEB



Midwest News:  Funky Ferndale here I come! I just love the name of this show. It’s alliterative, it’s has symmetrical meter and it has the word FUN in it!  I love the vibe and if we’ve met you know funky is right up my alley! This 11th annual event is taking place September 12th-14th. Find the deets here: Funky Ferndale.  I don’t know if I should go into November because some of you are still in a summer frame of mind, beaches, pina coladas and sunscreen. However, I’ve never been great with rules, so I will tell you that you will be able to catch me at the 10th annual Cleveland by Hand Fine Art and Craft Fair November 14th- 16th. Oh yeah, I feel my Ohio coming on. I truly did not want y’all up there to think I was neglecting you. Cleveland by Hand
East Coast News: (or does this count as Southern?)  In addition to my dual Virginia Beach engagements, I will be in Durham for the 40th annual Centerfest Arts Festival September 20th & 21st. I am looking forward to the quality of work at this show and some fantastic Southern style cooking and hospitality! Check it out: Centerfest Arts Festival
Northwest News:  October 24th- 26th we can meet up at the Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft Show in Seattle.  I love the Northwest and am so excited to be a part of this show. I’m also hoping Seattle will be cooler than Tucson in October. Gosh— the SEAFOOD!!!! I’m hungry already. Here’s the link: BNW October
Southern News:  There’s Durham’s Centerfest  September 20th & 21st as noted above. I really feel like North Caroline belongs in the Southern section, but it is technically on the East Coast. So. Now it’s in both of my sections too. November 7th- 9th will find me enjoying my Southern frame of mind at The Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival in Pensacola, FL. Tell me Zac Brown, is that where the boat leaves from?? They have so much art, food and culture going on, you have to click through GGAF and find out all about it!
Online News:  Insert awkward silence here. Ummmm, really. I have been letting the web stuff slip a bit. Forgive me. I would so rather meet you all in person. I do have my Etsy store, Original Sin Jewelry on Etsy which I encourage you to stop by. Embedded deep in this overly long email is a teaser for a promotion I will be running during the fall in my Etsy store. 50/50/50. For 50 days I will list an item a day which can be purchased for only $50. Save your quarters, Jewelry Fans, IT IS ON!!!!   My own website OSJ is going to have a minor face lift and change of theme going on. I’m getting too old to read the white on black background. I’ll update the calendar and continue my blog in spurts. Check in on Facebook OSJ on FB for blog up dates, I always post links there.

Belle Armoire Jewelry Article out September 1st!
Jewelry fans, I have saved some of the most exciting news for last– you only get to know if you kept reading (I know this has been a LONG one). I have a couple of projects featured in the upcoming edition of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. Can someone pinch me? It’s such a beautiful publication and the layout is GORGEOUS! Grab one and let me know what you think!!!
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