Fall 2017

Howdy Jewelry Fans! It’s been a wild ride, here at the studio and on the road.  I jammed all summer long out on the road 9 shows in 13 weeks. I was at some great new shows (to me) and some of my favorites too! This fall I’m keeping it closer to home, showing in Arizona, both the Phoenix and Tucson area. Check my calendar page for details. You can always email me at margaret.aden@gmail.com for custom work. I love it!

I’m struggling to get the website to look like I want, publish my Instagram feed (find me @Margaret_OSJ), and allow you all to sign up for my email list (of which I have sent one email in three years), and even allow you to email me right from the website. I may have to have my dear husband jump in on this technology stuff, this one woman show just doesn’t know how to do it all!

Keep in touch Jewelry Fans and keep my work in mind to help make your Holidays Magical!

WORK AVAILABLE ONLINE Original Sin Jewelry on Etsy




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