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Winter Thoughts and Technology

So. Are you ready to get crazy? Thanksgiving is over and it’s shopping season. Although, as a consumption driven American, I wonder if shopping is ever OVER here. Often at this time of the year I get a little sick to my stomach as the registers go cha-ching and I hemorrhage cash. No matter. I’m hoping you might find it in your hearts to do a bit of shopping with me. I have mentioned before that I will be teaching at my own suite in Tucson at the Gem Show this February (click on the Classes tab above to learn all about it). I would love to see you there, learning how to weave/twine with me. I have descriptions AND pictures of the classes up on this site now. Not to mention the PayPal button. I can’t tell you how long it’s taken me to figure out how to do all of this, okay, I could, but I’m sure you don’t have time for that, but it’s up and ready now. So please take advantage of it. I will tell you that the Ruffle Cuff Class if at half capacity. If you have been looking at it and thinking about it, don’t wait Jewelry Friends, don’t wait.

I think it’s important for you to know what purpose the funds I earn from teaching will go to– and it’s a great question. The answer is one I’m scared to dare to hope for, one which my darling husband thinks I’m a bit off my rocker for- I’m hoping to travel to Africa this year. To journey across the sea with a wonderful wildlife artist I know. I’m hoping to go on Safari, to see the vast Savannahs, grasses and jungles that were the cradle of mankind and the birthing place of weaving. If you’ve met me you know that I am obvisously white bread and therefore traveling to Africa will not be the poignant homecoming it might be for many Americans. However, to see the vast lands and the tribal weavings that are the root, the very soul of the technique that mesmerizes and hypnotizes me— that is a homecoming of handiwork and heart.

Here is a button for donations if you are so inclined to fuel the hope of my heart but have no desire to take a class.

Pick your Amount

I love winter in the studio. I asess all that went right and all that went wrong over the past year, look at designs and figure out where I’m going for next year. I can give you some hints. I will be working with some beautiful Upstate NY Slate and some riduculously sculptural worn conch shells. Strange, I know, but could you really expect anything else from me?

Catch you all again soon.

Tucson Bead Show at the Windmill in Feb 5th-Feb 10th 2013 Classes!

I want to apologize to my faithful legion of fans out there (Hi Mom! Hi Sisters! Hi Friends!), and while my legions may look more like a small coffee club– I am grateful for each of you. Anyway, my apologies for being in absentia on-blog since August. I’ve been on the road, and I got a year older in August, so I’m slower than I was last year. He He He. I’m excited to announce that I have signed with with lovely folks at To Bead True Blue and the Tucson Bead Show to host my VERY OWN Teaching Suite at the Windmill Inn this February during the Tucson Gem Show.

Here is my proposed schedule below: 

Tuesday, Feb 5

          9am-1pm Ruffle Cuff                                 $95 includes Copper Kit

          1:30pm-4:30pm Woven Crown Hoops V2          $85 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-6:30pm Happy Hour Earrings           $20 includes Copper Kit

          7pm-9pm ExoSkeleton                               $70 includes Copper Kit


Wednesday, Feb 6

          9am-2pm Encrusted Vessels                     $105 includes Copper Kit

          2:30pm-4:30pm EndoSkeleton                            $70 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-7pm Wishbone Necklace and Earrings        $70 includes Copper Kit


Thursday, Feb 7

          9am-4pm Asymmetrical Circles Collar        $155 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-7pm Geometrix Rings                        $85 includes Copper Kit


Friday, Feb 8

          9am-12pm Woven Crown Hoops V2                  $85 includes Copper Kit

          12:30pm-3:30pm Geode Winged Rings (T)         $115 includes Silver Kit

          4pm-7pm Hidden Key Cuff                        $85 includes Copper Kit


Saturday, Feb 9

          9am-4pm Fossilized Turtle Shell Cuff (T)  $235 includes Silver Kit

          5pm-8pm Odd Shaped Rings (T)               $115 includes Silver Kit


Sunday, Feb 10

          9am-4pm Druzy/Geode Collar (TORCH)   $285 includes Silver Kit

          4:30pm-7:30pm Woven Key Vessel           $85 includes Copper Kit


Standby for Class Descriptions! And links on the side for PayPal Payment. I can also call you for CC #’s, email me!

West Palm Beach, FL Classes!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there working the mornings, noons and nights.  I admire your life long commitment to raising children up to be productive members of society. I applaud your efforts to teach them to put the toilet seat down (boys in my house), do their own laundry, and gasp– put their own dishes in the sink. Hopefully someday they will be off the payroll more than they are on and maybe even have an appreciation for all the cookie baking, classroom volunteering and near daily arguments about why homework IS important. Ok. So this may all be a bit more about MY motherly existence, but I hope a few of you are smiling out there.

If you’d like to reward yourself for all of your hard work both on and off the battlefield we call parenting, consider taking a class in my technique! Below you will find a link to Beads Gone Wild & Crystal Creations shop in West Palm Beach, FL. October 19th-21st I will be there teaching my technique to the creative hearts who would like to become more intimate with wire. It is NEVER too early to calendar block and claim a few hours or days for yourself!

Each day is $125 or you can book into all three days for only $300. I promise that you will learn so much about wire and jewelry making. We will conquer not only weaving/twining, but how to make your own clasps and earwires. Why pay suppliers when you can make your own? Glenda and I have lined up three home run classes. Day one is an introduction to simple woven shapes. Geometry is not just a class in high school! Day two will see us conquering a soldered setting fossilized turtle shell cuff– but without the soldering. I’ll bring the settings pre-done and we will focus on pattern and finessing technique. Of course, I’ll talk about the construction portion and we can walk through the design process. Day three is going to be free form collars. You bring the focals! Glenda and her staff will have the wire available for purchase and I bring the know how. Woven collars are the perfect way to set off lamp work focals in a new and fascinating way, or special nuggets or faceted gems you might have of the larger variety. Click away and sign up before too long!

Store Location
Woodhaven Plaza
4058 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach
FL 33406
t: (561) 649-9909

I hope to see you there! Comment or email if you have any questions– let the learning begin!!