Opening Night is Coming!

Hello Jewelry Fans! I’m excited and if I wasn’t so tired from nearly 6 straight weeks of shows and teaching, I would jump up and down. However, Studio 9 will be opening VERY, VERY soon! The benches shipped today and I would like to invite all you Jewelry Fans to an Open House on Friday, March 8th, after 1pm. Champagne will be first come, first serve. You could sign up for the Woven Crown Hoops class that morning and be there already if that’s more convenient for you.(HINT)  I’ll be teaching my Wishbone Class the day before and the Ruffle Cuff the Day after. I’m even hoping there will be students in each class.

Studio 9 is at 657 St. Mary’s in Tucson, AZ, unit C-9 (just in case you don’t remember).

There’s another weekend of classes planned the weekend of March 21st.

It’s time, Tucson. Let’s get started!

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Hot Flashes and Chills

Hello Jewelry Fans! It’s my last day in Miami and I’m struck by the complete difference of this weekend’s weather and last weekend’s weather. Last weekend after a rainy set up, the temperature plummeted to near freezing. Pursuant, I have added a rule to my Road Rules- thou (I) shalt ALWAYS pack a sweat shirt when going on the road. I thought about making it a corollary to Thou Shalt ALWAYS bring a rain coat, but I decided it shall be a stand alone rule. This weekend I’m sweating in places my Momma told me NEVER to mention!! Sometimes it’s more work to convince myself this is better than my old day job, when sales are super, it’s easy to remember. Of course. So. Enjoy the pics. Yes, you will see the same shoes in two different colors- that’s one of my shopping rules-If thou lovest the shoes by two colors. Of course.

Socks and sandals rock!

Socks and sandals rock!

Hot Feet at South Miami

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A Branch in the Road

Ah Jewelry Fans! What a quick couple of weeks it has been. I have been flying back and forth to Miami for shows while trying to hold down the fort at home. I may have mentioned the three wonderful men in my life? They have slightly different standards regarding good order and discipline. Believe me when I tell you I am the hard ass in the family.

Recently, I made an announcement to my boysStudio 9, all of them, including my husband. I told them I was breaking up with them. Gasp!! I am moving my studio OUT OF THE HOUSE and into a commercial space. You see the door to my wonderful, funky and curretnly empty space to the left. Imaginatively, I am calling the space Studio 9 (Thank you MOM!). I challenge you to look up the numerology of the number 9. The Studio is also at 657 W St Mary’s in Tucson. 657 simplifies to 9. It’s cosmic. And here is my announcement to you, Jewelry Fans, I will now have a full time space to work from and hold classes in. I will have 4 soldering stations and all the accoutrements for Open Studio Drop In at a reasonable rate per hour. All of this in addition to my own wonderful classes. Furthermore, if you are a jeweler and you would like to hold Tucson classes, I will even rent the work space out to you!


Studio from LoftI am looking for Community, a place where Art Jewelers can meet, a place where ideas flow freely and a place where a private little enclave of fabulousness branches out into the Southwest. This is another step in my plan of world wide domination by wire. I have decided to create that Community at Studio 9. There are going to be sculptures and eventually 2-D exhibitions by some of the best talent I can find. The launch date for Studio 9 is March 1st, and I’m hoping all of you will join me for a glass of champagne and a studio full of dreams. I will still be out on the road throughout the year, showing at surprising locations thorughout the US, but this is going to be my HOME BASE. The floors are sealed, the painting will begin and the schedule will soon be posted. Beginning March 1st, 2013 Original Sin Jewelry has a Home. It’s a strange word, Home. So much hope in four letters, and vision, and the heart’s exposure. In a period where we all hide behind our gadgets and computers and app’s, come out into the sunshine and share something tenuous and new and REAL. With me. At Studio 9.


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What’s the Date???

Hello Jewelry Fans!!! Gosh-darn-nab-a-rab-bit! I cannot in any way believe it is 2013. And 10 days into January. I am in denial. I can Talk about January and February in general terms and as future tasks, but oh-my-goodness-gracious, the months are here and more importantly– the tasks are here!! Or events, which lead to a whole list of tasks for me to make it look effortless and professional. No sweat pants allowed on the road (this rule sucks but it is totally a good rule).

In the next two months, I have FIVE events that I could just DIE about. For real. First of all, I will be back at the Beaux Arts Festival of Arts on the University of Miami campus next weekend (Jan 19&20). I will be showing sculpture and waiting to see about jewelry (wait list– what?). Don’t worry, Jewelry Fans, I will have some on exhibition which you can buy at one of my other Florida shows if the wait list thing does not work out for me. I happen to LOVE this show. It is so beautiful and so refined. It doesn’t always have the best reviews by my fellow artists, but my wonderful Florida clients come out and make me feel welcomed and successful. I am truly in love with the University of Miami campus and will not mention the football program problems (shout out brother in law!) in this post to keep it up beat.

The next weekend (Jan 26&27) I was curated into a show on Islamorada- their fine arts festival for the winter season. I met the organizers at a west coast FL show and they are wonderful and amazing. I can’t wait to spend some quality time on that little island slice of paradise. My mother in law will be joining me that weekend, and she is a delightful and lovely lady (she and I might not have agreed on much when I first married her son, except that he was/is wonderful, but the years have built bridges and I’m so glad!)– please come out and say hello to us! I’m rushing home from Islamorada on Monday, the 28th because my baby, drum roll here please, my baby-baby-boy, who is so sweet and wonderful and I cannot believe I’ve been graced with such great kids, and if I could only convince them to brush their teeth and use deodorant (baby boy especially) and put the seat down and put their dishes in the dishwasher once and if they every make it out of their rooms (the dishes not the boys, they come out regularly for food (the boys do, not the dishes)) and fold their clothes while they are still warm from the dryer because it really does make a difference and holding the door open for a lady is not lame (!!) they would be PERFECT (!!), my baby is turning into a teenager on that day. So I have to rush home to insure there are NO STRIPPERS OR BOOZE on the premises for this grand occassion. But I digress. Of course.

Fast forward, just a smidge, to Feb 5-10 when I will be hosting a Teaching Suite at the Tucson Bead Show, Windmill Inn Suite #129. I have a simply FABULOUS array of classes on the “Teaching” tab of this very website you may choose from should you be making the Haj to Tucson for Americas Most Amazing Gem Show (my nick name, not an officially sponsored name)!! I’m not going to gush too much about it in this post because I promise you– click on the tab– you will find all the information you could possibly want about it. But I am a PROUD Lady about this, I am.

The next two events will see me back to FL. First for the Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Coconut Grove, FL (President’s Day weekend, Feb 16-18). It is also a repeat performance for me and I am so tickled to death to be invited back. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Miami and it’s people!! Miami is so diverse and multi-cultural, I can’t LOVE it ENOUGH. So. The show is fabulous. The art there is AH-MAZING, and if you are near there, you have to stop in. Of course, one of my new cuffs will look fabulous on you, so you should get on while you are chatting with me. Of course. I want to mention that the Artist port-a-potty here is an AIR CONDITIONED TRAILER. I kid you NOT– running water and everything!!! OMG!!! VALHALLA!!

The following weekend (Feb 23&24) I will be at my final FL event for the season– the South Miami Rotary Art Festival. This will be a new event for me, but I love the Miami vibe so much, I’m throwing down for a closer. I’m expecting more street fair than “ART”, but I like a good street fair. Bring it on! I will be ready.

And those are my super-fabulous-you-should-totally-not-miss-them-AT-ALL next five events. Pinch me. Don’t really, I’m being pithy here, but I am excited. I’m sure you can all tell, I have broken every rule Stephen King might have listed in his book on writing (check it out). I have use almost-expletives. I have used multiple punctuations. I have used ALL CAPS. Yikes. But I really am excited and no caps and no exclamations points didn’t seem to convey my love of this road and this game.

I will give you a teaser and let you know that just before the Tucson Bead Show and my AH-MAZING classes (shameless self-promotion, I know), I will be making a wonderful announcement. A couple of my students for the show know– don’t tell, don’t tell, don’t tell– it’s my soap box, remember? Anyway, it’s maybe more exciting than anything else I could have said so far. I will also gush about March & April & May & June around then too. I think I’m having a dream Artist year. If you click on my “Calender” tab you will have some hints, but not all.

I will be posting before then, but I’m enticing you to hang around, keep reading, and laughing, about the life, love and travels of an itinerant modern day artist who is just looking for… something? Maybe? Or maybe I already have everything I will EVER need. (Sorry AGAIN, Stephen King and HELLO Universe).

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It’s ALL In a Name, Right?

Hello Jewelry Fans! I’ve been rolling this topic around in my head for about a month and hopefully we’ll all get something out of reading/writing this post. My 15 year old son has often asked me how I arrived at the name Original Sin Jewelry. For many years I kept telling him I’d tell him when I was older. This fall, I finally explained it to him, and I’d like to explain it to you. He received a short version, briefly outlining my beefs and the fact that I’ve decided to carry Original Sin as a BADGE, rather than be controlled by the unproven, theological posturing of it.  If you are religiously sensitive, you may not want to read on. I will not permit comments arguing theology here, this is my soap box and I’m the one who is talking here. Sorry. Get your own blog.

Those of you who have met me out on the show circuit have asked, and we’ve talked, laughed and never cried about it– but my son had never heard.  I’ve spoken to recovered Mormons, recovered Jews and even those who claimed to be Lutherans– the original recovered Catholics. The short answer is that I’m a modern day never to be reclaimed by the Papal See RECOVERED CATHOLIC. You can pray for me, light candles and erect a Cathedral to woo me back to the faith, but I’m not making any promises. The story is long, involved, I’ll share it here of course, and really boils down to an organized religion placing continual blame, guilt, and shame on me because I am a woman. As the Military Chaplain at the Newport Rhode Island training base told me once, women were not always allowed to attend their children’s Christenings– for fear that the ORIGINAL SIN they carried would pass to the new born child. Ummm, this was in the year of Lord 2000, not 1654, not 1911,  it was 2000.

I have other religious beefs. I can’t help but air them hear to explain to you how, why, and what the heck for the name, Original Sin Jewelry is about. I will tell you that the four years I attended the United States Naval Academy, I went to mass almost EVERY DAY. I was a Lay Eucharist Minister, I read at the Lectern. I never did sing in the chorus, but my friends understand that. I participated fully and completely in my faith, the cadre of priests at the US Naval Academy welcomed me into the fold of the Church. It was a good time. I needed the faith. I needed the community. I took the inspired words of Jesus and God to heart.

And yet, the very faithful Christians that I prayed with (not specifically Catholics) and served with told me in the spring of my First Class (read Senior) year, that I was anathema to God, that my very presence at a military academy was against God’s wishes for me as a woman. I shit you not. Almost four years of service, both to God and to the military and they’d been holding onto that and decided to tell me that why?  I’ve always been sharp tongued (ask my family) and I countered— What about Ruth? She was a Judge because the men of her tribe could not do it. God called her to a task that women didn’t serve in– why couldn’t he call me to a task in the same manner? I was a stunned young woman.

Flash forward, to Pope John Paul II”s call to the faithful. He called me back to the fold. I reached out to the church by me in VA, I wanted to put my children in Catholic school, be a participating member of the church. The Pope’s message was strong. Ummmm. No. Not to be. I was informed that the school was full. I’d be lucky to get on the wait list. But the Pope called, I wanted to come home. Nope. The church was not prepared to take us back into the fold, they would not educate my children, they would, however, take my tithe. Nice.

Flash forward, living near New Orleans. We joined the Parish in our Parish (he he he). We put the boys in Sunday school. We attend the parents meeting. The thing I remember most prominently was parents standing up demanding that something be done about the drop off and pick up line. These parents would simply not tolerate such confusion. Umm. What? Where is the heart of service? Where were the solutions? Where were those patient and willing hearts the Lord calls us to be???? I picked up my boys and their blue crayoned colored Virgin Mary’s and we went home. Never to return.

Flash forward, Rome, a couple of years back. St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Vatican.  I was nervous. I wondered if my Catholic re-awakening would happen now?? Might the beauty and grace of the Mother Church call me back??? Might it?? No. No it did not. I was quite frankly disgusted with the wealth contained in the hallowed halls of the skirted men who tried telling me how to live my life. I thought–how many children could they feed? How many women could they educate? How many clean wells, pairs of goats and even pairs of shoes could they afford with the untold wealth locked in a small estate in the middle of Rome??? Maybe just two or three treasures could set so many wrongs a-right. And doesn’t the Catholic Church have wrongs to a-right?

And therefore, in the midst of spiritual chaos I had decided to OWN my ORIGINAL SIN like I MEANT TO OWN IT.  I can’t be spiritually bullied with something that is MINE.

And that is how the name came about. I’m not afraid to change it to something else, if my story is told and heard and welcomed. If I come to a different place in life, but for now, I still like it. I own it. It’s about ME at the very core. Every person that I meet, I’m giving you a piece of me. I’m letting it all go to each and every one of you. There is no anger in my heart, there is power. For what about a woman’s being makes religions so vehemently hate and want to control the female form? Why are women subjugated in modern times when in the original cultures all across the world they were honored? Is the answer as simple as a womb? The ultimate vessel for God’s creation? The one power women have that men do not? I’m not sure, but me and my womb will meet you out on the road this spring and summer. What up womb? Let’s roll!


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Home Town Advantage and My Butt Cheek

The Fourth Ave St Fair is next weekend here in Tucson and I’m in my last stages of prep. I will have some ROCKIN’ good deals as I try to clear out this year’s inventory. I’ve been thinking of the first and only other time I participated in the event and I thought I’d share the story with you all.  It is a graphic story and sort of gross, so if you have a weak stomach, I would NOT read on. Skip to one of my other funny posts.

We moved to Tucson just around three and a half years ago. Fresh from New Orleans and the vibrant art scene there, I had high hopes for my new home town.  We arrived in Jan and I had applied for the 4th Ave St Fair prior to moving, knowing when our landing date was going to be. We were in a rental home in Sahuarita, AZ and were enjoying exploring the hiking in Madera Canyon. Up the mountain we went, to a trail with some old mines. There were three adults, two children and two dogs. When we arrived at the top of the trail, the mines were just a bit farther, but someone had to stay behind with the dogs since the last bit was up and around a small boulder field. I volunteered to wait with the dogs and sat down on a nearby log.

Over the next couple of days, I noticed I had a yucky looking “pimple” on my butt cheek. It was disturbing and it kept getting bigger and bigger over the next days.  (HERE IS A GROSS PART, IF THE IDEA OF MY BUTT CHEEK HAS NOT ALREADY GROSSED YOU OUT, THIS PART WILL) I began to have a low grade fever, and in the ultimately mostest disgustingest turn of events ever, the “thing” on my cheek broke open and started to ooze. The 4th Ave St Fair was a week off. I did some hot and cold compresses over the next week, standing modestly behind the counter in the evenings so my family didn’t have to witness and I could easily clean up. My fever was worse and I ached all over.

After passing out with cold sweats and chills, alternating tylenol and ibuprofen to no effect and being so deeply pained in my joints and body, I went to the emergency room. It was a full moon. It was 10pm at night. I sat for over 12 hours in the emergency room, overnight with a strange assortment of full moon patients. Being so close to Mexico, I heard Spanish just as often as English. I was an Arizona resident for all of 6 weeks. This was NOT New Orleans Toto, NOT New Orleans. There was no Jazz Band, no keg to keep you busy while you waited. Okay. That’s not true of New Orleans Hospitals, but it’s not far from the truth. I can remember my husband being annoyed that he had to see the boys off to school because I was STILL at the Emergency Room. Men. What the heck are you thinking?

After going back to the treatment area, exhausted, sick, sore from sitting on a hard plastic chair for half of a day and an entire night, I had a male nurse. Of course. He asked what was wrong. I informed him I had a puss-hole on my ass cheek. He inquired if I was “skin popping”. Huh? What the heck is that I said? I sometimes pick at my face, I confess, I am an over 40 year old woman who still has acne. He laughed and said that’s not what he meant, explaining the IV drug users will insert heroin under their skin if they have used up all their good veins. I learned something. I never ever would have known that and I’m not sure my life is richer for the knowing of it. I denied IV drug use and any associated “skin popping”.

Now came the fun part.

He looked at my butt cheek.

 He called in other nurses to look at my butt cheek.

They discussed my butt cheek.

In all my years as a female in the Navy, no one had ever been that interested in my butt cheek.

After the Dr came in, I was informed that I had a spider bite; most likely a brown recluse spider. I was lucky to be alive to have my butt cheek looked at. I was grateful to have my butt cheek looked at. If you ever see me at a show, however, my butt cheek is now off limits– it has surpassed its maximum number of butt cheek look ats. I’m serious. Eyes on the face art lovers, eyes on the face.

I was now two days before my 1st Arizona Art show. With a puss filled cheek and an order to stay in bed. Now. I had given up my paycheck at a defense firm and was totally self-employed. I needed income. I was NOT giving up the show.

All of you who met me that fateful show three and a half years ago in March should know that all the while I chatted and smiled, I had a kotex pad strapped to my butt cheek to catch the oozes as the strong antibiotics slowly pushed the poison from my system. I had a fever. I was hot. I was cold. I changed my wound dressing in the porta potty at the corner of 4th and 7th. What’s a girl to do? What’s an artist to do? (I cannot favorably report on the Tucson porta-potty experience. Beer. March. Basketball. Yuck. Enough said?)

Needless to say, I have avoided the 4th Ave St Fair until this showing. It was too strange to want to repeat. I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to.

I’m reading a book called “the untethered soul: the journey beyond self” by Michael A Singer. In it he talks about Samskara’s– patterns and tetherings we create on our journey through life, they are blockages we hold on to and bits of unfinished business.  Well. Interesting idea. I for one am ready to move past my blockages and accept the amazing energies of the universe. I’m going to release my 4th Ave St Fair Samskara next weekend– letting go the energy stored and freeing it up for wonderful things. Won’t you join me? Help me release my Samskara which is titled “brown-recluse-spider-bite-puss-skin-not-popping-emergency-room-all-night-husband-pissed-about-getting-the-boys-to-school-pad-in-a-pota-potty-samskara”.  I live here. It is my hometown. And I’m ready for my advantage, universe.

And maybe help me clear out some 2012 inventory that I don’t want to carry over into 2013 either. I can promise the prices will be worth your while!

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Winter Thoughts and Technology

So. Are you ready to get crazy? Thanksgiving is over and it’s shopping season. Although, as a consumption driven American, I wonder if shopping is ever OVER here. Often at this time of the year I get a little sick to my stomach as the registers go cha-ching and I hemorrhage cash. No matter. I’m hoping you might find it in your hearts to do a bit of shopping with me. I have mentioned before that I will be teaching at my own suite in Tucson at the Gem Show this February (click on the Classes tab above to learn all about it). I would love to see you there, learning how to weave/twine with me. I have descriptions AND pictures of the classes up on this site now. Not to mention the PayPal button. I can’t tell you how long it’s taken me to figure out how to do all of this, okay, I could, but I’m sure you don’t have time for that, but it’s up and ready now. So please take advantage of it. I will tell you that the Ruffle Cuff Class if at half capacity. If you have been looking at it and thinking about it, don’t wait Jewelry Friends, don’t wait.

I think it’s important for you to know what purpose the funds I earn from teaching will go to– and it’s a great question. The answer is one I’m scared to dare to hope for, one which my darling husband thinks I’m a bit off my rocker for- I’m hoping to travel to Africa this year. To journey across the sea with a wonderful wildlife artist I know. I’m hoping to go on Safari, to see the vast Savannahs, grasses and jungles that were the cradle of mankind and the birthing place of weaving. If you’ve met me you know that I am obvisously white bread and therefore traveling to Africa will not be the poignant homecoming it might be for many Americans. However, to see the vast lands and the tribal weavings that are the root, the very soul of the technique that mesmerizes and hypnotizes me— that is a homecoming of handiwork and heart.

Here is a button for donations if you are so inclined to fuel the hope of my heart but have no desire to take a class.

Pick your Amount

I love winter in the studio. I asess all that went right and all that went wrong over the past year, look at designs and figure out where I’m going for next year. I can give you some hints. I will be working with some beautiful Upstate NY Slate and some riduculously sculptural worn conch shells. Strange, I know, but could you really expect anything else from me?

Catch you all again soon.

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Tucson Bead Show at the Windmill in Feb 5th-Feb 10th 2013 Classes!

I want to apologize to my faithful legion of fans out there (Hi Mom! Hi Sisters! Hi Friends!), and while my legions may look more like a small coffee club– I am grateful for each of you. Anyway, my apologies for being in absentia on-blog since August. I’ve been on the road, and I got a year older in August, so I’m slower than I was last year. He He He. I’m excited to announce that I have signed with with lovely folks at To Bead True Blue and the Tucson Bead Show to host my VERY OWN Teaching Suite at the Windmill Inn this February during the Tucson Gem Show.

Here is my proposed schedule below: 

Tuesday, Feb 5

          9am-1pm Ruffle Cuff                                 $95 includes Copper Kit

          1:30pm-4:30pm Woven Crown Hoops V2          $85 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-6:30pm Happy Hour Earrings           $20 includes Copper Kit

          7pm-9pm ExoSkeleton                               $70 includes Copper Kit


Wednesday, Feb 6

          9am-2pm Encrusted Vessels                     $105 includes Copper Kit

          2:30pm-4:30pm EndoSkeleton                            $70 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-7pm Wishbone Necklace and Earrings        $70 includes Copper Kit


Thursday, Feb 7

          9am-4pm Asymmetrical Circles Collar        $155 includes Copper Kit

          5pm-7pm Geometrix Rings                        $85 includes Copper Kit


Friday, Feb 8

          9am-12pm Woven Crown Hoops V2                  $85 includes Copper Kit

          12:30pm-3:30pm Geode Winged Rings (T)         $115 includes Silver Kit

          4pm-7pm Hidden Key Cuff                        $85 includes Copper Kit


Saturday, Feb 9

          9am-4pm Fossilized Turtle Shell Cuff (T)  $235 includes Silver Kit

          5pm-8pm Odd Shaped Rings (T)               $115 includes Silver Kit


Sunday, Feb 10

          9am-4pm Druzy/Geode Collar (TORCH)   $285 includes Silver Kit

          4:30pm-7:30pm Woven Key Vessel           $85 includes Copper Kit


Standby for Class Descriptions! And links on the side for PayPal Payment. I can also call you for CC #’s, email me!

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The Official Only Time I Will Discuss This…

Hello Art Lovers! I’ve been on the road the last couple of months, saving up topics and all sorts of cool new designs to share. However, before I can move on, I would like to discuss the delicate topic of “another wire artist”.  At shows, I hear one of two things: 1. “Oh my! I’ve never seen any thing like this before.” or 2. “Oh, don’t you have your things in a gallery in Santa Fe?” 

The first response pleases me, if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I am trying to take the world over with wire. Therefore, when people are intrigued and experiencing what wire can really do for the first time, the education of the populace (you fabulous art fans out there) can begin. I’m honest about where my wire training began and with whom- Mary Hettmansperger, Barb Switzer and Lisa Claxton. My one week of classes with these three ladies has informed the whole of my artistic sensibilities when it comes to wire. After that, I can credit a unique and rich internal life in which my brain poses questions for which I must experiment and come up with answers. The year to year evolution of my work circles around several themes– 2 Dimensional vs 3 Dimensional, small vs large, entrapment vs exposure. Patina, pattern and structure are the vehicles with which I explore the aforementioned dichotomies.

In the second case, I have a canned response, “Oh no, I don’t show in Santa Fe, but I know of whom you speak. Certainly, my designs are much more original than that!” Unfortunately, I have had the not so pleasant experience of meeting the artist of whom most folks are talking about at a show in Houston, TX several years back. Not only did this artist fail to exhibit any common courtesies of exhibiting artists, but the negativity and territorial bent of the pursuant monologue was quite shocking to me. You see, I’m a friendly smiley girl. If we have met at a show- you know it to be true- customers and neighbors alike. If my goal is to take the world over with wire, then I believe wire artists need to band together and support the diverse way we each express our designs along the path of our individual art careers.  

Women have been twining for tens of thousands of years, to believe that any one person in the modern era came up with the entire idea of connecting large wires with small wires is ridiculous. (In fact, I believe Arlene Fisch’s work predates any other contemporary wire artist. A lovely customer in Palm Springs told me to look her up this year.) And furthermore, to believe that any person working with wire in the modern era can trace all there designs and techniques back to a particular contemporary artist is also ridiculous. I do believe that if we put enough monkeys in a room with typewriters, one of them would come out with Romeo and Juliet (I’m showing my age here, I believe today we would have to supply the monkeys with iPads, Android tablets and vitamin water to expect them to produce anything at all).

In conclusion, I’m just another monkey with a couple of pieces of wire trying to figure out what willl happen if I do this, or that, or whatever has popped into my brain after a 1,600 mile, 25 hour drive straight through from Seattle to Tucson. I would also like to formally state that I have a busy family life, and up until recently was running dual careers in both the defense industry and art. (Funny saying it like that.)  I didn’t, don’t and never will have time to give two blinks of an eye to stalking someone else’s work. I have too much to do!!

I have to admit, it feels really good to get this off my chest.

Thank you to all the customers I have met on the road. Your enthusiasm and interest in my work humbles me. I am honored to meet each of you.

And for those of you who decide not to be customers but critics, I have one final series of questions for you: do you buy clothing from Nordstroms AND Macy’s? Target AND Walmart? Will you buy produce from the grocery store AND a road side stand? Have you ever purchased jewelry from Tiffany’s AND Kay’s? Have you ever owned a Ford AND a Honda? Have you ever had a Maltese AND a Retriever? Please note, that these need not occur at the exact same time, but over the course of a life. I’m guessing the answer to this line of questioning is “yes.” So, here’s one more logic test: if you can purchase jewelry from two different goldsmiths, than why does purchasing work from two different wiresmiths seem so wrong?

This is the only time I will officially discuss this.

My piece on this is said, done, put down and never to be mentioned again.

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