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Hi there! I’m an Art Jeweler. I did not intend to become a jewelry artist, but over the years of obsessive creation and a never ending drive to share and explore, that is what I have become. As a young girl, I wanted to be a writer. I still have hopes for that one– so keep checking back to see what I’m having published and when it will be published. As a young woman, I wanted to be an Astronaut. I attended the United States Naval Academy, but a heart murmur kept me out of flight. As a woman, I wanted to have a career. I did that – thank you defense industry.  Now, at the top of my personal bell curve, the halfway mark, the point at which humans at large evaluate contribution, effectiveness and the fun factor (if we’re lucky),  coasting past the big 40, I think about jewelry, travel, and my family, a legacy of passion, learning and attentive relationships.

The technique I use is an adapted basket weaving technique.  Instead of using fiber, I use metal which has been drawn into gossamer threads and then woven and twined, free form and using my ten digits with an occasional hand tool. I pursue structure and texture using non-traditional settings to show off bumpy, sparkly, crunchy focals.  I’m obsessed with turquoise and variscite. I’m known for incorporating skeleton keys into my jewelry and other vintage objects.  I’m known for my ready smile and a wise crack or two, my honesty and willingness to connect to others.

You can catch me at Art Festivals across the country. Join me in my effort to connect the world with a thin, shining wire.

3 thoughts on “About OSJ

  1. Frances Velling

    I am in Northwest Art Alliance also and love the woven necklace featured in one of your photos. I do not see it on your website. Let me know if they are available. I love the look and simplicity of it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Frances

  2. Suzanne K

    Hello there sweet Margaret —
    Hope you made it safely home and on to your next adventure after Charleston.
    just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our chat – and sooooo glad you were at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival again this year. I am very happy and proud to have your wonderful and fun creations.
    All the best to you and yours.
    Suzanne K.
    Charleston, SC
    May 27, 2015

  3. Lori Baer

    Hi Margaret!
    My name is Lori Baer….from Lakewood, CO. I met you at the Golden Art fair this last summer, where my husband purchased 2 pair of earrings from you for me….short story, one is lost, and I was wondering if I could send the single to you to try to match? I do some beaded jewelry and metalsmithing on the side but I don’t think I can match, or do your lovely wire work! Its a copper ‘frame/earwire’ with purple thin wired woven around a triangle shape….I will attach a photo if I can, or please let me know your email address. Please let me know if you are interested in this project! Thank you!


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